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Business stickers

Create your promotional stickers

Impress everyone with custom stickers with your logo and design. Choose:

Promotional stickers

Ask for a quote for wholesale orders starting from 5000 units
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Custom shapes

Create half-cut stickers with adhesive base (kiss-cut) or choose the ones with full cut (die cut).

Reach all your customers

Easily create campaigns and events with custom stickers.
Top quality vynils - Camaloon

Top quality vynils

Outdoor stickers, resistant and with maximum grip. Even waterproof.

Printing technology - Camaloon

Printing technology

Your logo and corporate colors reproduced with the maximum reliability.

The most precise cut - Camaloon

The most precise cut

Create your stickers with the shape your desire. On the basis of half cut (kiss-cut) or full cut (die cut).

Quick delivery - Camaloon

Quick delivery

We produce your tailor-made order and send it in no time.

Highest quality -  Camaloon
Highest quality

All of our products are made with the highest quality. We have our own manufacturing and we select the best materials.

Personalize things easily -  Camaloon
Personalize things easily

Easily personalize everything up to the smallest detail. You will find letters, icons and templates to create your designs.

Express order -  Camaloon
Express order

Choose our Express service and receive your order in record time.

Personalized support -  Camaloon
Personalized support

You have a team of professionals by your side to help you with anything you need.