Screen printing is one of the most popular printing techniques used amongst a vast range of companies for printing designs onto various products. The screen printing process has been around for a long time and has evolved from simple stencilling to a complete merchanised printing method. Most often, the process is used for printing onto …

HR managers and onboarding specialists around the world are stepping into marketing roles by promoting their corporation to existing and potential employees through talent acquisition and talent retention. Studies show that nearly 50% of employees are lacking significant recognition and appreciation in their workplaces. This in turn decreases the overall motivation and thus increases the …

Whether it be a girlfriend, friend, sister, mother or colleague, finding “gifts for her” can revolve around many different occasions. Sometimes, the simplest gifts can be those most treasured. For instance, a teddy bear for your little sister or a bouquet for your mother will always be appreciated. What about celebrating a holiday with your …

What is a Welcome Pack?

A welcome pack is full of different and practical items that are given to someone as a welcome greeting. Most often used in professional settings like a corporate office, it’s made up of practical things for office use.

In prior years, welcome packs used to simply include office supplies such as a notebook, pen, pencil and calendar to be given on an employee’s first day to welcome them into the office. As years went on and new trends emerged, the concept of corporate culture and corporate social responsibility have evolved, and with that, so have welcome packs; turning into a crucial marketing tool for the company.

Today, welcome packs state the company’s values. Depending on the company, welcome packs often include social benefits and certain aspects of social responsibility that the company abides by. This is why welcome packs are seen as a perk for potential applicants and the reason why talent acquisition focuses on creating the perfect welcome pack.

Your brand image is not only relevant for consumers, but for your internal employees as well. At the end of the day, the better you treat your employees, the better brand ambassadors they will be.

Father’s Day is not among the holidays that have a long history or got its acknowledgment at once. Yet nowadays it is becoming more and more popular in different parts of the world and the UK is not an exception to that trend. And no wonder why! The concept of celebrating Father’s Day is based on logic and common sense, which is to say “Thank you Dad for everything that you have given to me. I love you!”. And let’s be honest, sometimes it is easier to show these feelings through a gift than saying it out loud.

So let’s start with some awesome ideas for the gifts. And if you have a couple of minutes more and curiosity to learn about the origins of the holiday, traditions of celebrating it, and why it is important to keep this tradition alive, just scroll down the article and have a look.

Classical Father’s Day gifts

We will start with some traditional ideas of the gifts that proved through history that they will always be appreciated and relevant.

1. A book

A book is the best gift at all times and occasions. If your father is a big reader that this idea is not classical and simple but also very relevant since it will not be put on the shelf and forgotten. You can choose from the new works of a favourite author of your father, or a limited edition of the favourite book. It can also be a try-out of a new genre from the ones that your father usually prefers. Has he read the winners of prestige publishing awards, such as Nobel prize in Literature, Pulitzer Prize, Publishing Prize or Commonwealth Writers Prize as an example.

Make an extra touch and sign a book. Put in handwriting the greetings for this occasion on the inner side of a title page or dedication page.

2. Personalised T-shirt

One of the most popular and common gifts for Father’s Day is a personalised T-shirt. The good point of this idea is that it can be always repeated and has plentiful options for the designs and room for imagination. It can be used for different purposes: for homeware, for trips or for doing sport. Spor T-shirts will be always reminding about the bond between a parent and a child as well as spending time together doing some sport or funny activity.

Why not offer a set of T-shirts that would depict something that they have in common. Something that would represent both of them or show how alike they are. For example, a set of T-shirts for the father and his son or sons with a funny picture of them fooling around or doing some sport together and a text below the image “Like father like son”.

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