Do you have lots of project for your company, but struggle to focus on the most important ones and get them done? Or perhaps you see that your workers get buried under all their tasks and can't see the overall goal? The Bullet Journal Method® and custom notebooks could be groundbreaking for your company!

What is the Bullet Journal® method?

The Bullet Journal method® consists of using a notebook or journal to write down tasks, events and ideas in the form of bullet points. At the end of the month, you select the most important tasks and ideas left on this list in your custom notebook to be passed over to the next month. By splitting big tasks into smaller ones, you and your team can increase productivity.

With summer in full flow, summer promotional products are a necessity for all companies hoping to make an impact with their giveaways during these coming sunny months. When you think of summer, you think of fun, and for this reason, it is only fitting that your customers receive fun promotional gifts that they can really enjoy. Keeping that in mind, let us take you through our top 10 summer promotional items.

1. Flip-Flops

Our flip-flops are an item really appreciated during summer. Not only do they have casual-wear comfort, but an anti-slip pattern on the flat soles for greater traction when chilling at the pool. The stand out feature of these custom flip-flops is the edge-to-edge sublimation printing. This gives you the freedom to print larger designs in full-color, but also means greater visibility for your brand while they are at the side of your clients’ sun loungers.

Customize flip-flops now

On June 21st, 2019, Camaloon had the pleasure and honor to collaborate with MARKETERs Club from the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice. MARKETERs Club is a student association which, through the event “MARKETERs Day 2019 – The Silk Road”, aims to create connections between students and world-wide recognized brands within the marketing and communication sectors.

The main speakers of this event were Massimo Bullo, Marketing Director Italy at Nintendo, Iacopo Salemmi and Davided Lunardelli, Sales Manager and Marketing Manager Italy at Xiaomi Technology, and last but not least Andrea Colombi, Country Manager Italy at Yamaha Motor.

MARKETERs Day 2019 – The Silk Road was also an occasion to speak with the organizers of the event and below you can see what questions we asked them, along with their responses.

As manufacturers, at Camaloon we control time of production. And as a business we partner with the safest and fasted couriers to deliver your package rapidly and efficiently.

In need of making a last minute order for your company's event?

Worry not! At Camaloon we understand your business, and when placing an order with us you can choose the date of delivery.

We are your partners, and therefore to best fulfill your needs we believe you should be given multiple options of delivery dates.

Enjoy our validation service

We are unique in our sector for providing our customers with a free validation service. In fact, our validation team collaborates with you in the realization of the highest quality design for your custom products. Only after the validation process will your order be confirmed and ready for production.

The news at Camaloon never stops and this time we have a new printing technique for you to customize some of our items. Double-sided printing is here on selected products. This includes mirrors, notebooks, keychains, bags, and T-shirts. Enjoy a more original finished product that allows your creative side the freedom to really break loose.

Textile with double-side printing: bags and Roly Atomic and Sol's Regent T-shirts

Textile products are the most used items when it comes to customization and uses in promotions. Customized T-shirts and bags have become an ideal pairing when creating promotional items for your designs, logos and images.

Customize my bags

Design my t-shirt

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