Did you know that you can get quality promotional goods printed with your company logo and information, without making a huge impact on the environment?

At Camaloon we offer a wide range of sustainable, organic and eco-friendly promotional items ready to be printed or engraved with your logo, design or promotional messages.

By choosing useful and sustainable promotional products to gift to your customers you will raise awareness about the global climate changes and promote a sustainable lifestyle, along with your brand!

Check out the favourites from our organic, sustainable and eco-friendly range below!

In this day and age where more and more marketing campaigns are fully based and conducted only online, does promotional merchandising still work?

The simple answer is YES, and better than ever before.

In an extensive market research study conducted by the British Promotional Merchandising Association in 2013, 1000 people from different sectors were asked about how promotional products have had an impact on their professional and personal lives. This study showed that 94.1% would like to receive promotional products more often and 55.9% report that they use the promotional products they received several times. The same study shows that 50.7% believes that promotional products have the best ability to get them to take action, more particularly they speak about Mugs, Pens, and USB Flash Drives being the promotional items that urge them to recall or contact the advertiser.

Customized buttons are perfect for any occasion, for example, fairs and branding events in which personalized buttons contribute to establishing a corporate image.

In this sense, branded buttons are the most original detail to promote your celebrations and the most effective solution to boost your company and your brand.

With these personalized items you will find the best option to conquer all your clients in large fairs, events, or congresses. In addition, custom buttons are a form of expression that shows your tastes.

When we want to customize a product with our design, a logo or a slogan we have to take into consideration many different situations. First of all, not all products are the same, so we must be clear about which products we are going to customize and with which printing techniques (screen printing, laser printing, pad printing, etc.). At Camaloon you will be able to find all types of articles, from T-shirts, caps, buttons, stickers, and bottles, among other products to customize.

In addition, we offer a free of charge validation service that will assure the highest printing quality for your product.

Below are the most common errors we find in the designs when our customers are personalizing they products.

To avoid a longer wait on the delivery of your custom product, make sure your design is suitable for your product from the start!

1 Pixelated Design

This is one of the most frequent errors. The customer usually enlarges the design in our online design tool as much as they want, but once this product passes through to the validation department you can see that the design is pixelated. At this time, our team contacts the customer to request a file with the resolution and quality necessary to create a perfect result.

Everyone knows that useful promotional items are the best promotional items. Everyone also knows that it is good for your health to be physically active. As the person responsible for the marketing of your company, these two factors are good to keep in mind when planning giveaways for upcoming campaigns. Designing sporty advertising products with the print of your company logo or slogan is both useful and can motivate your customers and employees to become more physically active. Perfect combination!

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