The news at Camaloon never stops and this time we have a new printing technique for you to customize some of our items. Double-sided printing is here on selected products. This includes mirrors, notebooks, keychains, bags, and T-shirts. Enjoy a more original finished product that allows your creative side the freedom to really break loose.

Textile with double-side printing: bags and Roly Atomic and Sol's Regent T-shirts

Textile products are the most used items when it comes to customization and uses in promotions. Customized T-shirts and bags have become an ideal pairing when creating promotional items for your designs, logos and images.

Customize my bags

Design my t-shirt

Everyone loves free items, and compare to the other communication and promotional strategies, these tend to work the best. Customized items have become a great way to make an impact on customers and future customers. However, these customized products need a strategy behind them in order to reach their full potential. Taking this into account, quality, originality, brand recognition, and customer concerns and interests must be considered.

Whether you need them to promote your business or close your packaging, choosing the right stickers for your needs is never so simple.

And that’s why we are making it easier for you!

You can choose between standard or custom shape, matte or glossy lamination, larger quantities for a smaller cost, for outdoor or indoor purposes and more. We have something for everyone!

Find the characteristics and differences of our stickers, identify which ones would be the best for your needs and start designing on our website.

Start designing my stickers!

The countdown is on to The Meetings Show London taking place on Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th June 2019, mainly consisting of a large exhibition and jam-packed days of meetings, networking and learning opportunities that will shake up your events.

With more than 600 exhibitors to discover, The Meetings Show features destinations, hotels, luxury hotels, destination management companies, conference centers, venues and technology suppliers from over 50 countries across 6 continents. Among the exhibitors are Allianz Park, Accor, Discover Mice, Alcron Hotel, Marriott International.

What else is missing? Well at Camaloon we have something for everyone. If you are an exhibitor here are 5 products you can’t miss out on having at your booth if you want to leave an impact on your prospective clients. And if you are a visitor, here you have 5 ideas of products to customize for your professional meetings and events.

Take the most useful and needed products to promote a company, and let the world customize them, and the business is done. There are those who understood before others that they have an unparalleled richness in their hands, a fortune called personalization, which gives rise to Camaloon.

Camaloon is a mix of colours, diversity and ideas, but above all, stories. The sharing of traditions, cultures and values behind every single product through an intelligent and non-invasive promotional campaign that enriches the consumer with an all-around journey.

This time, the story that we want to tell is the one of Enrikas Balsys. His position in the company is between the product and the final customer, and embodies the CEO’s vision: grow, grow, grow.

Career path

When Enrikas started his career in Camaloon as Project Manager, he was responsible for the launch of new products: looking for new ideas and new providers, facilitating the process of releasing the products, which included testing the product itself and the printing, while coordinating with the product and marketing department. During the 7 months that Enrikas has spent with Camaloon so far, he has proven to be capable of taking responsibilities: which is why he earned a promotion within the operations team.

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