T-shirts are the most personalized product for promotional purposes, as it is also considered to be one of the most effective promotional materials. As a matter of fact, as promotional products, T-shirts are easy to bring around, useful, an attention grabber, especially if there is a catching phrase printed on it!

As much as creating your own T-shirt seems hard, at Camaloon you can create your personalized T-shirts in 6 easy steps without sacrificing quality like material and brand, budget (the more you order the less you spend!), or size, because why give oversized T-shirts when you can choose the perfect fit for the same price?

So what are you waiting for? Choose between brands like Fruit of the Loom, Roly, and Sol´s, start designing your promotional t-shirts now, and let your client take you with them anywhere they go!

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It's been about a decade since Camaloon started its operations as manufacturer of promotional products and it's customization. In an almost artisan way, the first customized T-shirts and custom badges were made. A local in Reus (Tarragona) was the first step towards creating a great company that it is today. With the combination of ambition and hard work, what started as a small activity in Reus has become one of the most important customization companies for promotional products. This time, the story we want to tell is that of Cristóbal Luceno, current factory manager. He holds the position of factory manager at Camaloon and is one of the pioneers in the birth of this company.

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Custom pens are the ideal promotional products to use for showing off your company logo and designs. You can choose between well-know branded pens from Parker and BiC® to give your customized pens an added value. At Camaloon we also have pens made from many different materials, such as metal, aluminium, wood and recycled materials.

The same way you can choose from many materials, we have pens for any budget and occasion. Our range includes everything from budget-friendly plastic pens to branded pens with details of 24K gold. All of which can be customized with laser engraving, screen printing or digital printing. Pens have changed the way of writing across the globe and have become one of the most used writing instruments.

François Reynal and Markus Murakaru are two promising young men working in the sales department at Camaloon. Their meticulous work in the sector has contributed significantly to the success of their respective markets, France and Germany. How? With values like involvement, culture, security, and responsibility. And the certainty that technology can always help people improve themselves.

About François: from SDR to Team Leader of the French Market

François is a charismatic 26-year-old Camalooner. He carefully doses “I” from “us” and always speaks about teamwork and engagement. François is able to put his strong beliefs into practice and make the French team grow.

If you are in the restaurant industry, getting the attention of your customers and gaining their loyalty can be done through good food and service, but also through creative marketing initiatives, like personalized coasters!

Whether you are looking to raise your social media followers, promote your events, or add to your mailing list, promotional coasters are a great subtle method to do so.

As a matter of fact, if you are already using coasters at your restaurant or bar, these items will eventually appear under the noses of your customers, and if you are seeking a bit of creativity, here are 5 ideas to promote your restaurant through personalized coasters!

1. For the collectors

Create different personalized coasters with the logos of the beers you are serving at your bar. Add your logo in the middle, and some information that encourages your customers to use the coasters as loyalty cards. In other words, offer your customer a free pitcher of beer when they show they have collected all coasters!

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