140 characters of love for Camaloon

  our twitter profile   140 characters for Camaloon! We want to celebrate our 1500th follower on twitter with your sentence of 140 characters for #Camaloon! How? As we adore love declarations we tought you could write a tweet about us, a dedication, a Japanese haiku, something from your heart to the heart of Camaloon! ;) Use all your fantasy in 140 characters using the hashtag #Camaloon Of course, we accept tweets in all languages​​: Guarani, Tongan, Urdu, Zulu ;) On Monday June 17 will reward the best tweet! We have reserved a special gift that will prepare especially for you also with all our love! Well, go ahead and we're waiting for your tweet love quote for #Camaloon! Write us on Twitter    
/ federico