28 Gift Ideas for Employees in 2021

HR managers and onboarding specialists around the world are stepping into marketing roles by promoting their corporation to existing and potential employees through talent acquisition and talent retention. Studies show that nearly 50% of employees are lacking significant recognition and appreciation in their workplaces. This in turn decreases the overall motivation and thus increases the turnover rate within a corporation, the exact opposite of what most companies strive to achieve.

So, what can your corporation do to avoid this from happening?

Personalised Gifts for Employees

Whether you’re an innovative start-up, a major recruiting agency or a big market player, it is equally important for your employees to receive benefits and gifts in addition to their work contract conditions. Onboarding gifts, annual incentives or whatever it may, employee gifts must meet the following criteria:

  • Ensure the company’s brand and value is clearly represented
  • Coincide with the values of the employees and exceed their expectations
  • They’re useful, trendy or fun and motivational most of all
  • Should be on a regular basis

This is where personalised corporate gifts are able to shine!

One of the best ways to approach gift-giving in a workplace environment is by being innovative. How? Well, we’re living in a digital age so we are able to digitally create unique gifts for the employees working in our corporations. A great way to do so is by launching a page within your corporate website that is specifically dedicated to benefits, offers and gifts for your employees. You can even take it one step further and synchronise the webpage with an e-commerce platform that allows your employees to order presents and various incentives online.

However, we know that all of this requires time and time as well all know it is a valuable resource.

Which is why Camaloon can offer you a simple solution – our Print on Demand service!

Print on Demand

This service is focused on personalising a wide range of products with no minimum order quantity and delivering it to the end-user directly. The benefits are endless! An employee can choose whatever is needed for work, leisure time, you name it and Camaloon makes it! Even more so for companies, it’s especially beneficial when it comes to outsourcing personalised gift orders at a great price. The best part? It’s simple, fun and creative!

Welcome Gifts for New Employees

The first thing that most people think of when they hear “welcome gifts” are your classic office supplies, such as pens, notebooks, mugs and mouse pads imprinted with the logo of the company. While these classics are great, there’s much more creativity to be explored when welcoming a new employee to ensure their first experience with your company is a memorable one. A proper welcome kit will…

  • Spark team engagement and integration within the corporate culture
  • Boost performance ratings by 15%
  • Increase the likelihood of 3+ year contracts to 57% (source)

Consider some of these emerging trends when putting together your next employee welcome package:

1. Branded Takeaway Coffee Mugs

Gifting something trendy and stylish adds value to the brand image among the workers, newcomers and potential candidates. Takeaway eco-friendly coffee mugs are a great way to convey your message to the world about your company’s values and beliefs in terms of living an active and sustainable lifestyle!

Branded coffee mug to takeaway

2. Headphones

Headphones are one of the most popular gift ideas by far. It’s a great accessory for professional use as employees can use them to easily join conference calls, listen to presentations and of course, listen to music that will help them focus on daily tasks. Who wouldn’t love a pair of headphones?

Personalised headphones

3. Customised Hoodies

What better way to make someone feel comfortable than by gifting them a hoodie? Incoming employees will love their free hoodies made of high-quality cotton with optimal comfort and beautiful colour.

Customised cozy hoodies

More Employee Gift Ideas

Before continuing our extensive list of gift ideas, we want to remind you of some basic, but highly useful practices in regards to keeping your employees happy. By making an agreement with various providers of a range of products and services such as hotels, clothing stores, and more, you’ll be able to offer your employees discounts and subscriptions through partnerships. They will appreciate this immensely and thereby value the company even more!

Birthday Gifts

As a part of a corporate appreciation campaign, your company may include birthday gifts for the employees. There are two subconscious things that people love:

  • Hearing their names
  • Being congratulated on their birthdays

In a work environment, it will have a positive effect by encouraging them to succeed and this motivating them to achieve better results.

4. Gift box for foodie lovers

Corporate gifts don’t always have to revolve around branded products, tech devices and work-related things. A birthday gift for your employee can be a great opportunity to surprise them with a delightful treat. Why not order an aesthetically appealing box of local specialities, snacks, fruits or chocolate and put it on their desk? Let them munch away on their special day!

5. Time to WINE down – personalised fabric wine bag

It can be a simple yet elegant gesture giving your employee a great bottle of wine in a personalised wine bag. Let them then decide if they prefer to share it with their colleagues or drink it later.

Fabric wine bags with your logo

6. Relaxing Aroma Candle

There are so many birthday gift ideas that an employer can choose from! However, the focus should be on something that offers a special treat, yet not too personal. A relaxing aroma candle is a great example of just that, and who wouldn’t love a little bit of relaxation?

Thoughtful gifts for the brand-new parents in your company

Work conditions for new parents, especially mothers, used to cause many issues. Ensure your company is doing its best to assist those employees who just became brand-new parents. Showing support in this case can be done in several different ways such as parental leave flexibility, improving remote working conditions and of course, offering thoughtful gifts.

7. Light-up Humidifiers

Babies, especially new-borns, require special attention and care. Air humidifiers are one of the devices that can be truly useful for parents. The extra light features are beneficial as they ease the babies into falling asleep. You’re even able to personalise them with a special saying like “Congratulations!” to add that extra personal touch.

Customised portable humidifier

8. The Triple B: Baby Belly Bags

A simple, yet thoughtful gift is a calming baby belly bag. These bags help ease the pain and save parents from those often-sleepless nights with new-borns. And of course, don’t forget to customise this with a small message before giving the gift.

9. Yoga Mats

It’s extremely important for new parents to keep themselves in shape; both physically and mentally, in order to be prepared to take on new challenges, stay balanced and regain strength. One of the things that would help in this case is a yoga mat as they permit relaxation and meditation; something we all need from time to time. Make sure you send a note alongside the gift and engrave your company’s logo into the yoga mat! Another added feature can be attaching a link with a video that explains why it’s important to stay fit and emotionally balanced when you’re a brand-new parent.

Yoga mats

10. Personalised bottle for kids

Mini water bottles and small cookie boxes are the goodies that will always be in high demand from the parents of babies and toddlers. This is a great gift idea that will show support from your corporation!

Customised bottle for kids

And… just as important, you need to show your gratitude to those employees who have put in the time and effort throughout the years and provided value to your company.

Gifts for Retiring Employees

11. Personalised Moleskine Notebook

A high-quality notebook with silk-like pages accompanied by an exquisite pen for writing is a classical yet appreciated retirement gift. Show even more appreciation by engraving your employee’s initials and leaving a heartfelt note of gratitude and best wishes. This personalised gift will surely find its place at their home.

Personalised Moleskine notebook with pen

12. Retirement Trip

This is the perfect time for those employees to take some time to themselves and explore new places or merely relax on the beach. This is the moment for them to visit new places and try new things, it’s never too late to enjoy the little things life has to offer! Your company can set up a fundraiser to finance the trip and accompany the gift with helpful travel tips and guides, dedicated to the best places to visit during retirement.

13. Wellness Watch

No more punching in and keeping track of the clock with retirement! However, it might be a splendid idea to offer that employee a wellness watch for two reasons:

  • Maintaining well-being and health
  • Enjoying quality time doing things that have always been postponed due to work

Corporate Gifts for Employees

All managers and business owners eventually ask themselves the question of “should managers give gifts?”. Most often, it is acceptable as long as you’re not crossing boundaries and if you decide to do so, then it all comes down to the budget, the HR strategy for talent acquisition and retention and most importantly, getting the right gift.

Home Office Kits

With the global pandemic altering everyone’s day-to-day life, the conditions of the workplace have drastically shifted to a new paradigm. Remote working comes with benefits but for the majority of employees, these unprecedented changes have caused frustrations and challenges. So, why not help them out and supply them with some home office kits as a form of appreciation and support?

14. Coffee Mugs

Branded coffee mugs in bright colours and fun designs will keep things light and enjoyable, reflecting great company values. An idea to accompany this gift would be virtual weekly morning coffee breaks where all team members can chat and share laughs while sipping delicious coffee.

Personalised coffee mugs

15. Webcam Protectors

Working from home requires frequent use of one’s webcam for conference calls, presentations and various purposes, which comes with pros and cons. Add a branded webcam cover to your employee’s home office gift box, your employees will definitely appreciate the opportunity to have more control when it comes to video calls.

Webcam protectors

16. Antistress Balls

It’s no secret that work can be stressful, especially when working from home consecutively. It’s important to show your employees they have your support as an employer. To help them deal with the stress, gifting them antistress balls can help relieve their tension in a safe way.

Antistress balls

Incentives = Results

17. Free Breakfast once a week

What could be better than a free, healthy breakfast filled with fruits and delicious hot pastries on Tuesday’s? Why Tuesday you may ask? Well, according to social studies, Tuesday is considered the most challenging day of the week, so those tasty snacks will stimulate your employees’ motivation all week!

18. Jumpers

Whether we like it or not, the UK is not the warmest place in the world, so jumpers are crucial! Gifting a nice warm jumper will put a smile on your employee’s face, even more so with a custom personalisation.

Personalised sweatshirts

19. Gift Cards

Gift cards are oftentimes the most loved presents. Find interesting places or activity centres that offer gift cards and special corporate subscriptions. Why opt for a basic theatre night when you can give them a morning yoga session coupon?

These incentives will entertain and motivate your employees to work harder and enjoy more and more free perks.

Gifts for Employee Recognition

The recognition gift is a big one, it should be focused on the achievements of the employee and it’s meant to show your appreciation for their hard work and simply say “thank you”.

20. Personalised Lunch Box

You can never go wrong with this one! Whether it’s for work lunches, hiking with friends and family or passing it on to children, a lunch box is always appreciated.

Personalised lunch boxes

21. Wireless Phone Chargers

Who doesn’t like free tech devices? Especially ones that offer convenience like wireless phone chargers. Your company could be one of the first to go the extra mile and choose personalised wireless phone chargers.

Customised wireless phone chargers

22. Destress with a Free Massage Session

Relaxation and a well-balanced lifestyle are some of the necessities of doing a job well. If your company offers a benefits plan, why not add recognition perks to it? Make a reservation for a massage session for a lucky employee and create a feeling of appreciation and recognition through this gesture.

Wellness Gifts

Promote a healthy lifestyle among the employees: “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.

23. Customised Water Bottles

A branded water bottle will be a great employee gift and a great reminder to drink a proper amount of water each day. At the office, gym, during hikes, a water bottle with a convenient handle will be the perfect practical gift!

Customised water bottles

24. Backpacks

Customised backpacks are on the list of most useful items to give your employees. It’s the perfect gift for those companies whose values are centred around an active lifestyle and want their employees to lead a healthy life- at work and at home.

Personalised backpacks

25. Sport Tees

Another classic but still great idea is a t-shirt with the company’s logo on it. You can add this to your company’s sports collection themed boxes whenever you take part in group sport activities. These tees allow the employees to feel as though they are closer together, really representing one team, one brand, one company.

Branded sport tees for employees

Buy in Bulk

Reduce your cost by choosing great and affordable items. Buying in bulk is super convenient because you get a great deal on price per unit on promotional products like personalised mugs, notebooks or branded pens for daily office use..

Christmas Gifts

Last, but certainly not least, Christmas gifts are a must! No matter one’s age, social position or career, everyone loves receiving gifts for this joyful holiday. Throw a company Christmas party with free drinks and food, unite your team and end the year off with a positive note!

26. Personalised Coasters

Surprise your employees with gift boxes including a decorative Christmas themed coaster. And why not pair it with a Christmas themed mug, or better yet, wine glass? Tis the season!

Coasters with your design

27. Plants and Cookies, the recipe for happiness

Creativity doesn’t have to take a lot of effort… put together a unique Christmas gift like wrapping up a cool jute put and delicious box of chocolate chip cookies that employees can bring home. The plant can be a symbol of new achievements and personal growth while the cookies can be a reference to living a sweet life.

28. Thermal Bottles and Flasks to Keep you Warm this Winter

Christmas is the time of sharing not only gifts, but love and warmth. Personalised thermal bottles or flasks as a corporate holiday gift are great for keeping drinks warm and employees happy!

Don’t forget to add a corporate holiday to your company’s calendar and mark it with seasonal gifts and/or events to connect everyone and work on team building!

Branded insulated bottles

Happy Gift-Giving!

As you now know, there are many gifts and activities that can be offered to your employees. Don’t forget to advocate for a healthy lifestyle, professional achievements, flexibility and work-life balance through benefits! Ensure you’re promoting your brand to get the best of the best working for you and continuing to work for you.

Small gestures count, customisation is key!

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