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5 ways to promote your business with personalized coasters

If you are in the restaurant industry, getting the attention of your customers and gaining their loyalty can be done through good food and service, but also through creative marketing initiatives, like personalized coasters!

Whether you are looking to raise your social media followers, promote your events, or add to your mailing list, promotional coasters are a great subtle method to do so.

As a matter of fact, if you are already using coasters at your restaurant or bar, these items will eventually appear under the noses of your customers, and if you are seeking a bit of creativity, here are 5 ideas to promote your restaurant through personalized coasters!

1. For the collectors

Create different personalized coasters with the logos of the beers you are serving at your bar. Add your logo in the middle, and some information that encourages your customers to use the coasters as loyalty cards. In other words, offer your customer a free pitcher of beer when they show they have collected all coasters!

2. It's Happy-hour!

Personalize your coasters with a good deal and wait for your restaurant to be packed during happy hour! Make your personalized coasters colorful and fun, add the image of your special cocktail, the price, and the hours. You’ll be surprised how many people will take it home because they liked the design.

3. Increase your mailing list!

Use your personalized coasters as a means of collecting contacts for your mailing list. Create a simple design where people can leave their name and email address, and add the opportunity to win a dessert through a random draw. To make it more useful and fun, add a line where customers can add their nicknames. This will avoid drinks mix ups, and will give you the opportunity to look more friendly when sending emails.

4. Follow us!

Add your social media accounts to your personalized coasters and give your customers the opportunity to enter the contest organized on your social platforms.

5. Easy peasy reviews

Happy customers won’t go out of their way to leave a good review, unless you make it easy for them! Personalize your coasters with a QR code that leads directly to your Google reviews. Even for the most old-fashioned businesses, using a QR code is not as complicated as it sounds. In fact, all new smartphones come with the ability to read QR with the aid of an app. All you need to do is create your unique code through an online QR code generator like

What are you waiting for? Start designing your personalized coasters and promote your business and events like no others!

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