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7 Ways to Use Personalised Badges to Promote Your Business

Promotional badges are affordable little ads that can be used in many ways to increase awareness, reward customers, motivate staff and build loyalty. Most people like badges, many tend to collect them, and they get noticed when worn on shirts, coats, backpacks and hats.

Read on to explore some creative ideas on how to use personalised badges to get long-term exposure and boost your business.

Give personalised badges to your employees

Badges can help foster a positive, caring workplace culture where people come first. Reward employees for hitting certain goals or welcome new hires. If you and your employees interact with clients in person regularly, well-designed and eye-catching name badges can help you build trust.

Inspiring badge

Reward each purchase

If you own a store, you probably say “thank you for shopping with us” to all your customers. It is always worth going the extra mile to strengthen a newly formed customer relationship, so you should consider including branded badges with every purchase. They are inexpensive yet make your customers feel appreciated.

Announce a new location

Opening a new location is not only a cause for celebration, but also a terrific marketing opportunity! Personalised badges are an excellent way to announce that you are opening a new location and build excitement. Hand out badges at the original location or in front of the new place. Include your logo and information about the new location.

Coming soon badge

Celebrate holidays

Celebrate holidays and wish all the best to your customers, partners and employees with personalised badges. Hand out festive badges in your store or office. If you host holiday parties, make sure all your guests get a nice festive badge with your company’s name on it. This will create a strong sense of community and ensure that people link your brand with positive feelings.

Hand out badges at events

Expos, festivals, conferences and trade shows are the perfect events to hand out personalised, branded badges. Give them away at a booth or a table, either alone or as a part of a bag of goodies. You can match them with branded pens, notebooks, mugs, keychains, etc.

Camaloon personalised products

Reward loyalty

Thank your loyal customers by giving them one-of-a-kind badges. This will engage them in a new way and they will appreciate the gesture. You will also ensure that they stick around and refer you to others.

Support good causes

Support a fundraising campaign or a charity event by donating personalised badges. You will help a good cause, connect with people and introduce them to your brand. These events allow you to reach a specific, usually local audience, and result in a positive attitude toward your company.

In brief

All our badges are made from steel and are available in different shapes and sizes. We hope we were able to provide you with some useful suggestions for how and where to distribute them. You can check our blog to get familiar with the printing technique we use to make personalised badges. Besides badges, Camaloon can help you create a variety of promotional items to boost revenue, market your business and attract new customers.

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