Introducing the soft and snug family favorite

Just as the weather started to get chilly, the all-new long sleeve t-shirt came along and saved the day. So we thought, hey, why not go a little crazy and celebrate the good news with you!

At Camaloon, we're 100% committed to increasing our product range for your customizing needs. And that means regularly offering you exciting new options for colder temperatures.

Custom gifts

Thinking of Christmas gifts or just keeping warm through winter?

The super cozy long sleeve will serve you and your family well in both Fall and beyond. You can easily customize it with your images, text and designs on the front or back.

So you can basically make an impact every time you leave the room!

Personaliza camisetas por detrás

Seasonal colors

Dark gray, heather blue and burgundy are just some of the new colors on offer. Added to which there's black and white to really set off your text and designs.

los colores que más se llevan

Best quality

Our t-shirts are all made from 100% cotton. We also have a range of long sleeve t-shirts made from 100% organic cotton and are a great option for those of us with sensitive skin.

El algodón más suave

Looking good this winter

The long sleeve t-shirt is both comfortable and stylish. The cut is designed to offer an effortless fit while allowing air to circulate, keeping you warmer for longer.

Customizing the new long sleeve t-shirt is super easy and in minutes you'll have a fabulous winter essential. Try it now!

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