Micro-interview of Anna Grimal

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Present yourself in two ligns

I'm Anna Grimal and I'm an illustrator. I studied in Barcelona at Massana School and I did my Erasmus year in Belgium. Today I live in Baix Empordà in which place I use to spend my day drawing more pictural and ceramical stuff.

Tell us about your tastes in two sentences (colours, songs, movies, favorites food...)

Colours...mostly blue, my favorite song I don't have one, lately I use to listen more to Jazz, Movies, i love the science of sleep, and the sweet food, I love chocolate.

What are your centres of interest? Where does come from your passion for art?

My centre of interest; trying new things, colours, pens, felt pens, keep drawing. My passion doesn't come from somewhere special... I just love what I do.

Which product would you like to draw for Camaloon?

I could do anything you want for Camaloon!!!

My inspiration is my environment, what I do, what I see.

Who is your favorite artist – famous or not?

Lately, I really liked the Marta Altes' freshness, I also like Isabelle Arsenault.

An idea, an image coming from my mind...

Tell us one anecdote about you or your work

Currently, everyone keeps telling me that I work a lot and everything goes well for me... But to tell the truth, if I didn't work a bit on the side, I wouldn't even be able to eat.

What is Camaloon to you?

Camaloon is a tool to reach everyone!! It is a tool in order for people to have some things completely unique.

One last comment?

I hope to keep on going with Camaloon for a long time!! And I hope that all will spread my artworks around the globe.


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