The art of Esencia Custome comes to Camaloon

Hand mirrors, apart from being a nice gift for your female guests, are useful, pretty and a souvenir for ever that they can always take with them.

This is what Estefania and Rebeca, in art tell us Esencia Custome, two sisters who are partners in this lovely brand which came on the scene 5 years ago driven by its passion for handmade goods, design and creativity.

The majority of the products these two women create are customised. It all began when some time ago they designed their Wedding Guest Book, a venture which was so successful that it prompted them to begin to customise more little items for weddings.

At that point they thought of Camaloon. Since they knew about us because we had made our first mirrors with their illustrations they decided to repeat the quality products so they didn't hesitate in making customised mirrors for weddings with us.

It's clear to Estefania and Rebeca:

"Often gifts for wedding guests can become a headache and in the end the couple end up giving the typical mementos or a little gift of little use...we hope you find out mirrors a really great solution!"

/ federico