Presenting: Alina Kazachuk

Hello! Today we have the pleasure to interview Alina Kazachuk, a graphic designer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. She specializes on patterning and is always on the lookout for an individual style. Here on Camaloon she is interested in t-shirt design "because it is a very strong visual message for a large audience" and she has already started creating her lines of products with patterns. Alina Kazachuk pattern on skins, cases and tshirts You can find Alina's patterns on skins, tshirts and other products here:

She takes the time to answer our questions:

What are your interests / hobbies / favorite things to do?

My profession is my main hobby and passion. I actively study history of ornament and symbolism. Besides, I like cinematograph and psychology.

How did you get passionate about art and design?
Design in my life is a result of irrepressible desire to research and improve everything. And creativity is a merit of my parents and their upbringing in atmosphere of love and freedom.

Where do you find inspiration?

A lot of inspiration I find in nature, and in its harmony. Especially when it comes to composition and color pallets I have learned a lot from nature. Ancient artefacts and national ornaments impress me much, too.

Do you have a favorite artist, whether famous or not?

My favorite artists are Kandinsky and Miro.

How do you proceed to create?

Drawing is a very intimate process to me and it takes all of my concentration. I always work with music. It helps me to find necessary rhythm. Pencil, paper then computer. Some things though, are too difficult to express so they stay in my imagination.

What is Camaloon for you?

Camaloon is the way to revitalize works and start their unique history in consumer`s arms.

Ask yourself a question and answer it :)

What is the most important personal advice for you? Never stop!

Do you have a last comment, anything to add?

Thanks to Camaloon for new horizons. For all artists I wish peace, love and endless inspiration.

Patterns by Alina Kazachuk on Camaloon tshirts, stickers and cases

Thank you very much to you, Alina, for taking the time to answering all of our questions :) It was a pleasure to get to know you! And to you, out there reading, we invite you to check out her artworks!

/ bettina