Presenting David Kow

David Kow designs for Camaloon

Good morning! Today we are speaking to David Kow, illustrator and animator from Córdova. You can find his blog here and his creation on camaloon on

David loves going to cafes with his newly purchased sketchbook and doodling, finishing it up with a good coffee. He can not stand to see even one empty white page.

What are your main interests?

I love watching movies, analysing them it and delving into them, especially if it is animated movies. I like anything that has to do with expressing things through images. Of course, everything isn't so mental to me, I love to practice kung fu and tai chi.

How did you get interested in illustration? How did you evolve to become an illustrator?

The truth is I do not know that answer here. It comes naturally to me, something I do not know where it grows. What I do know is that since I was in school I could not stop doodling in textbooks, they were always filled with drawings and doodles.

Where or How are you inspired?

I do usually look for inspiration because I am among those who think that are in everywhere and anyone can access it at any time. You only have to look around you: a ridiculous someone who goes by the street, a poster with a absurd sentence, someone's nose quirky, etc ... Anything goes!

Do you have a favourite artists (famous or not)?

Phew! ... There are so many! I'll tell you that I love Chris Reccardi and his wife Lynne Naylor (who are both extraordinary), as well as Johnny Yanok, Lorelay Bove, Marlo Meekins, Nick Cross or Joel Trussell, and much more. Generally I love every artist that depart slightly from the canons of illustration or animation in general. But come on, I'm sure I've left many in the pipeline ..

How do you create (atmosphere, surroundings, time..)?

I'm a little chaotic when i create, since even in the more noisy environment, I can be working without getting distracted. Clear that, I can work much better in quiet environments if I'm facing a large window overlooking the street, with my favorite music (or discovering new artists) in my ears. You know...much better.

How would you define Camaloon? What does Camaloon mean for you?

I would define Camaloon as the place where any artist can unleash their creativity without any of impediment and where any non-artist can be a potential artist. What more can you ask for?.

Which products would you like to create for Camaloon?

If there is a product on the rise and has fascinated me for their posisilidades, that would be the skins for mobiles. And there is where I want to express myself more.

Ask yourself a question and answer it

If I don't devote myself to this...would i still continue drawing? ... I guess ... I would follow drawing anywhere with my sketchbook; while waiting the subway line, on break from work, in the shower, etc...Just Carry On!!

A last comment?

I want to thank you to Camaloon for giving me this opportunity to create with you and share with others what to me is more than a passion.

Designs by David Kow on Camaloon

Thank you, David, for taking the time to speak to us and for your wonderful answers! It was a pleasure! And we are all looking forward to decorating our mobile phones with skins designed by David Kow.

/ bettina