Hi! I'm Aida, Camaloon's new Artist Hunter

Describe yourself in two lines / three adjectives

Hi! I'm Aida, Camaloon's new Artist Hunter. As an Artist Hunter I love art, to which I dedicate many hours of my time, for both work and pleasure. I organise exhibitions, concerts, I participate in fanzines, I love artist books, comics and music. I'm a researcher too and my works are focused on the political and social implications of the experimental music production.

What do you like the most about working at Camaloon?

What I love about Camaloon are the colleagues, the good vibe and the team spirit that is always present in the office.

Impressions of your first day.

I learned so many things on my first day! And I never stop learning... I'm fascinated by computer development and marketing. They are still undiscovered fields for me and I'm really interested in them.

What do you do at Camaloon?

My mission at Camaloon is to contact with interesting artists for the design Gallery, to use up all the creative potential they can offer. I'm the Hunter! but I don't hurt anyone! I'm harmless! :-D

Tell us a story about you.

I'm crazy for desserts and sweets in general! And the best thing is that I really enjoy making them myself! If you insist a little bit I cam make lots of cakes and pies for you! :-P

/ federico