If you have at least one social media account you will not have missed the latest viral trend, the #bottlecapchallenge. And what better timing for this viral challenge to come around than just at the moment that we are releasing our new range of promotional drinkware?

This challenge started on the 25th of June when taekwondo fighter Farabi Davletchin posted a video in which he removes a bottle cap with a roundhouse kick. This literal kick start of a new viral challenge got people from all around the world to give their best try to recreate the trick. Some were more successful than others.

Even some celebrities have given their best shots to try to remove the bottle cap with their own personal twists, such as Mariah Carey, Ryan Reynolds, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

During the past two weeks, we have seen thousands of creative contributions to the hashtag, but also some spilled water and bruised friends. With these results, it is safe to say that this challenge is not as easy as Mr. Davletchin makes it seem.

But we still wanted to try it for ourselves!

However, after challenging some colleagues with varying skills in roundhouse kicking, we quickly discovered something. Our bottle caps are way too secure and tightly-sealed for this trick to work!

Have a look at what happened when our colleagues gave their best attempts to spin the screw-on caps off our bottles.

On June 21st, 2019, Camaloon had the pleasure and honor to collaborate with MARKETERs Club from the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice. MARKETERs Club is a student association which, through the event “MARKETERs Day 2019 – The Silk Road”, aims to create connections between students and world-wide recognized brands within the marketing and communication sectors.

The main speakers of this event were Massimo Bullo, Marketing Director Italy at Nintendo, Iacopo Salemmi and Davided Lunardelli, Sales Manager and Marketing Manager Italy at Xiaomi Technology, and last but not least Andrea Colombi, Country Manager Italy at Yamaha Motor.

MARKETERs Day 2019 – The Silk Road was also an occasion to speak with the organizers of the event and below you can see what questions we asked them, along with their responses.

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Textile with double-side printing: bags and Roly Atomic and Sol's Regent T-shirts

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