Skin Laptop

Camaloon keeps growing and so does its offer. Now our clients can count on marvellously customized skins for iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5/5s, MacBook Air 11" and iPad Air.

Skins not only decorate your apple devices but are a true experience when touched. The vinyl allows a completely new feel to your portable machines and is certainly a pleasure for the eye.

Sticker for Iphone 4, 4s-5

Here at Camaloon we all have one on our phones and computers and we are already planning on having new ones since the skins are easily removable and can be replaced with new designs. And the best part is they don’t leave any trace and they look as good as new.

Skins protect your devices from scratches while they make them nicer to look at.

Now your phone can stand out from the crowd, so will your MacBook Air and iPads!

And as usual, if you are short of ideas, you can take a look at our gallery to buy designs from our international artists.

Summer is at the door! Think of the right skin you want to take with you on your 2013 holiday! We will make it in no time!

Sticker Ipad

Did you ever hear the expression "only when pigs fly"? Fear no more: your day has come!

Finally you can wear the badge that will allow you to do whatever you want! The day pigs can fly is finally here and we have proof of it!

Pigs can fly!

So if you are looking for an excuse to do whatever it is on your mind all you need to do is visit the Camaloon Gallery for this special "magical" badge that will unlock the doors of the impossible! Promise!!!