The power of simple messages

As part of a fundraising effort, British surgeon Alex Creedon donned what friends and family termed his “Captain Birdseye look” by growing a salt-and-pepper beard. Then, on 24th January 2016, he took things a step further, shaving off half the beard in solidarity with individuals and families who have endured and continue to endure the devastating effects of a stroke.

To raise awareness of his intended donation of £1,500 to the Stroke Association, Alex got in touch with Camaloon to produce a round pin badge that simply reads “Ask Me Why.” Sporting his half-beard around the wards of Ashford Hospital in the UK, the badge encouraged people to approach and created a natural opening for him to talk about his campaign:
Alex's example shows exactly how a humble badge can be a game changer, and we have been extremely happy to support him and his worthy cause.

/ federico