Badges for crowdfunding

Giulia is a 27-year-old graphic designer, tenacious and very passionate about her work, her motivation has led her to become involved in many projects, among which her latest one: Manatee Gráficos.

This is what she tells us:

“I decided to take the plunge, I searched desperately to create something that would satisfy me, the gratification that only this work can provide. I had already done some illustrations for Carpisa Tattoo, and when I realized that the customers had chosen me I thought: Let’s go with it! This is how the idea of creating a line of T-shirts was born: first I needed a logo to represent on the one hand the playful and creative side of my project, something which would reflect the extent of my passion and my confidence in perfection: the mascot will be a manatee!”

Based on the current fashion for beards (which has won over her boyfriend, her brother and several friends) Giulia has created her “B (eard) -Movie” line and soon the other BE line will see the light of day, because her ideas and creativity are never ending.

The project on Indiegogo arose from the need to consolidate her brand and quickly open up an e-commerce shop. So, why not trust a crowdfunding campaign to get together some “funds”? To give the campaign greater visibility, Giulia is also using Facebook and Instagram, her important allies for spreading the word about her project, the B (eard) -Movie T-shirts can also be viewed on her website.

Among the advantages (or rewards) that the user can get, in exchange for a donation to the campaign, are the “Shaved Basterds” which are charming ^ __ ^ - and the trendy Camaloon badges, which Giulia has already distributed among those contributing to Indiegogo and those who have bought her T-shirts.

All that is left now is to wish her a lot of luck with her project, in the hope that one day the badges and the other products in her lines become part of her e-commerce!

/ federico