Badges for Denim Day.

Denim Day was held on 27 May last promoted by Guess in Italy and Spain.

Denim Day came about 15 years ago in the United States as a protest against a terribly unjust decision by a court to acquit a rapist because the victim was wearing tight “jeans”.

This story of vindication had a protest symbol: jeans. This is why every year “Denim Day” is held.

After the second year of its celebration this protest spread across the ocean, reaching Italy and Spain through Guess. The famous brand of “jeans” champions this initiative to promote the celebration in Europe.

To spread this initiative, Guess decided to use Camaloon badges.

Badges for Denim Day with slogans to stir consciences to fight against any kind of sexual abuse.

On 27 May Guess invited everyone to wear jeans and badges to highlight the condemnation of injustices and to raise funds for the Guess Foundation Europe.

Donations raised go to aid programmes for victims who every year suffer abuse. Thanks to this type of project work is being carried out to prevent these offences from being committed in the future.

/ federico