The unique freshness that your scrapbook was missing

When we talk about a scrapbook, originality is the first thing that comes to our minds. But what if you could keep your treasured memories with that unique freshness that defines you?

In order to create a scrapbook you only need a notebook and time. To decorate it, you can help yourself with as many materials and elements as you want; rub-ons, stamps, eyelets, brads, laces, wires, fabric, beads, sequins, ribbons... And badges!

Ana decided to try Camaloon's pins and had this great idea of using them as her scrapbook clasp and a decoration element.

When personalising an album, it is very important to keep the design in harmony with its theme. For instance, you can decorate your scrapbook following a chronological order, a specific theme (parties, friends, family...)

Ana dedicated her time to welcome her newborn Marina with a proper scrapbook. Original, isn't it?

If you have also used one of our Camaloon products to create something original, send us your photos to

/ anna