Surprise packaging

The best ideas are often the simplest ones. We are proud to present the biscuit magnet campaign created by Marhell Design. The recipe is super easy: take the photos from your mobile and create personalised magnets

Tell us about the project 'NON C’È FOOD SENZA PACKAGING'

'There's no FOOD without PACKAGING' is my specialised graphic design laboratory for the food sector, where communication and design skills are combined with a great passion for food. Like a chef, knowing the ingredients and the exact amounts of the secret recipe perfectly, I offer clients solid technical training, refined taste, passion and creativity for creating the best products and providing creative and effective ideas, which guarantee quality, transparency, and modern and practical solutions. Marhell's design philosophy is ''I design it myself".

How did you come up with the idea of creating magnets to design this pack?

I thought of introducing myself through this package for activities that are related to food and that aim towards improving their image or particular product. The use of the magnet is the same as that of a business card, but full of creativity and specifically for the target in question. The magnet plays a key role, it can be placed on the fridge, oven or on any magnetized metal surface and this makes it a very attractive item. A tribute to conservation and a campaign in your own kitchen. Of course, I've personalised them with my contact details.

Are you planning to use any other product for other graphic design jobs in the future?

Of course! I really like the Camaloon tote bags line, they're very modern, sporty and customizable, just like the stickers and t-shirts. As a mum, I would like to channel my creativity into a line that's specifically for babies. I'm very satisfied with your service. I ordered 200 magnets and I must say that they are excellent quality. The delivery was very fast and the price was competitive. I can tell you that soon I'll be asking for their products again!

/ federico