Micro-interview bobi+bobi

Introduce yourself in two lines:

I’m a painter and an illustrator. I work for the press and the edition post. I’m doing a lot of collaboration with authors, poets and young or adult public.

Tell us about your tastes (colours, songs, movies, favourite food…) :

I love veal Blanquette with potatoes and carrots, the diarist and the talking movies such as « My night at Maud’s » or « A Special Day », I’m crazy about the hot red but I never wear it because it doesn’t suit me at all. I like people who are not spiteful while talking to them…”La vie en rose” by Grace Jones, the diaries full of doodles, and Proust.

What are your centres of interest? Where does your love for art come from?

I’m sensitive to all kinds of creation, literature, music, haute couture, pastries, masonry, all of that moves me. I can watch a lettuce growing for hours; I can draw the road of a snail a whole week. Pictures make me happier than words. The reason of my choices comes from there, easy as that.

What products would you like to draw for Camaloon?

I’d like to draw its mascot which looks like a chameleon.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Nature, people, books, small trips or small walks, everything is an inspiration as long as I want it to be.

Who is your favourite artist? – Famous or not

Right now I think about Jérome Bosch and about the snow-covered landscape by Brueghel l’Ancien.

How do you proceed to create?

I don’t proceed, because more I try to less it works. Here is a little tip: I put all on the table, and it melts in a way that I can bring something out of it.

Tell us something about you or about your work.

I just come back from the acupuncturist visit because of a tendonitis that doesn’t let me work properly. The man directly jabbed what they call the « third eye », a point located in between the eyebrows. When I felt the high pain, I understood that the contemplative step was over.

What is Camaloon for you?

It’s a keen and colourful place with a lot of surprises.

Ask yourself a question and answer it.

- Does he think about me every day?

- Yes he does, because, you know what, that’s his job.

One last comment?

I learnt today that the fluorine into the toothpaste oxides the dental crown. That can cause irritations and inflammations and more…. Tendonitis. Acknowledged!

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