Buttons funding surgeons in Kenya

This post is about how the power of words and creativity can serve a great cause and offer an example of what can be achieved with a simple idea.

Back in July 2015, when Camaloon organized a contest for illustrators at the IlustraTour Festival, the winner Sandra Garcia bagged a prize pack choc-full of Camaloon buttons, magnets and stickers that she later customized for an extremely worthy cause.

The "Turkana Surgeons" is a charity initiative whose main goal is to provide surgical assistance to the people of Turkana County in northwestern Kenya, one of the world's poorest and most arid areas. In 2004, prompted by a Spanish missionary and surgeon living in the region, a team of doctors from different medical centers in Madrid flew in to Turkana to offer their support in an area where a single doctor will typically have near to 75,000 patients.

Sandra decided to spread the word about the Surgeons by designing buttons, magnets and stickers with words in the Turkana language, giving global visibility to their community. Take a look at Sandra's Instagram feed to see more.

The outcome of her customizing endeavor is a collection of words and glorious color - original designs that benefit the cause they serve as well as demonstrating how creative talent can help those in need.

Each item is available to buy from Turkana Bar, Madrid's first bar dedicated to charitable causes.

At Camaloon, we are extremely proud to promote such projects. After all, a humble button, magnet or sticker has the capacity to convey powerful ideas between individuals and communities across the globe.

/ kate.busby