Caffeina tells us all about their merchandising

Caffeina is an Italian digital creative agency specialised in integrated digital marketing projects. It has four main areas of focus: Strategy, Technology, Creativity and Media. As well as these key areas, it also has extensive experience in creating digital projects of high added value. Collaboration with Camaloon began a while ago in order to boost the dissemination of the brand, its values and the idea behind the agency.

The synergy between Camaloon and Caffeina has been triggered by bringing together the versatility of Camaloon products with the creativity and corporate image of Caffeina. Everything that Caffeina takes on is suited to the brand by keeping the colours and mixing and matching the effect with the name of the agency.

Today, Lucía, Junior Brand Manager of Caffeina, gives us a few more details, in particular about the long awaited Parma Digital Agency and Camaloon.

Which digital formats do you use to spread your 'mantra'?

We use social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram), our blog and merchandising articles.

How did you come across Camaloon?

We carried out an Internet search and we found your brand easily.

What do you think of our products?

We love them, especially because of their quality.

For which events or occasions do you use our products?

We use sweaters, t-shirts, stickers and bottle openers to create a welcome pack and the Caffeina pack for clients and important collaborators.

Stickers are very useful for spreading our message during the events that we participate in :)

/ federico