Being young is an attitude

TEDxYouth@Barcelona next Saturday, 28th March, will celebrate youth, as a synonym of talent, as a projection of inspiration, as critical thought.

A not-for-profit event organised by young people and aimed at young people that will be held in L'Auditori de Barcelona where the participants who, escaping from personal issues, feel young and with a lot to say.

The aim of the event is to bring out the young talent in the city, that there is above and beyond what is published in the media and to put forward a vision of talent outside the mainstream. Talks will be about the ideas that the speakers, from experience, have developed generating their own thoughts.


– David Andrés: Demythologising haute cuisine.

– Amaia Arrazola: Creativity: Where does the magic take place?

– Albert Barqué-Duran: Painting contemporary morality.

– Daniel Castejón: Interpreting the classics.

– Duna Homedes: Urban tenant farmers.

– Josep Marc Mingot: Human vs Artificial Learning.

– Loreto Nácar: Do want to be bilingual?

– Mamadou Saliou: The future, my land.

– Jordi Saragossa: Beyond a photograph.

For TEDxYouth@Barcelona Camaloon has produced some stickers with key slogans that define the essence of this meeting.

The stickers will be included in a welcome bag and the messages printed on them will be explained at the event opening. The best way to introduce the philosophy of TEDxYouth and the reason for making this meeting an annual event.

What does being young mean? Iván explains these slogans:

"The messages on the stickers arose from us asking what being young means. Our speakers are less than 30 years old, but after 30 years of age aren't you young? We believe being young is an attitude."

Camaloon wants to back the initiative with a nice gesture: a badge for all the speakers that they will wear all day tomorrow.

For more information about the event you can look here:

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