Catch the sneaky coupon and don't let it get away!

Catch the sneaky coupon! We caught this €5 coupon trying to flee, but we won't be able to hold it for long! Only the first 100 orders will be able to use it.

The discount coupon code is: B7EER and it wil expire on the 18th of May!!

Hurry up and place your order! Tik-Tok... Don't wait any longer or you'll be running out of time!


This coupon is valid for your designed products but also for all the products of the designs gallery (here some examples). Run to the Discover section, have a look and choose as quick as you can to get the discount coupon.

T-shirt Into the Wild...

Ocean Heart T-shirt by Leah Flores...

Sticker Mauro Gatti

Super Best friends: Apple & Snakes stickers by Mauro Gatti

Pure T-shirt

Pure T-shirt by Leah Flores

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