The countdown is on to The Meetings Show London taking place on Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th June 2019, mainly consisting of a large exhibition and jam-packed days of meetings, networking and learning opportunities that will shake up your events.

With more than 600 exhibitors to discover, The Meetings Show features destinations, hotels, luxury hotels, destination management companies, conference centers, venues and technology suppliers from over 50 countries across 6 continents. Among the exhibitors are Allianz Park, Accor, Discover Mice, Alcron Hotel, Marriott International.

What else is missing? Well at Camaloon we have something for everyone. If you are an exhibitor here are 5 products you can’t miss out on having at your booth if you want to leave an impact on your prospective clients. And if you are a visitor, here you have 5 ideas of products to customize for your professional meetings and events.

In just over a week the third edition of the Mondial de la Bière will take place in Paris. The 3-day event will be rich in events, concerts, beer tasting, and food outlets. But, among all the exhibitors attending, how can you ensure that your presence will be unforgettable for attendees? Perhaps with a product that supports the quality of your beer.

We'll give you some ideas!

Personalized coasters

Personalized coasters are very useful for your promotional campaigns, as they are a product used every day, your logo or design will be visible in the day to day of your clients. The more original, the more vivid a memory customers will have of you, and following this logic the square bottle opener coasters are ideal for events such as the Mondial de la Bière de Paris.

Roll-up banners are widely used for advertising and informational purposes, for example on exhibitions and trade shows. Although roll-up banners have been around for a long time already, they are still very popular. This is not surprising when we have a look at the developments in quality of materials and printing techniques, making the structure strong and light at the same time, and the visual elements of high quality.

It is up to you to make the most of roll-up banner designs. To help you get started and make the right impact with your message, we have put together 4 tips for you to design a roll-up banner online.

Thinking With You offer a consultancy service to businesses that want to transform their business model and coroporate culture and adapt to modern times. When putting a new work model into practice, Thinking With You use tools such as Scrum or Kanban.

Tools with a very visual focus which help the clients put all their attention quickly on the changes and improvements to be made. To support their clients and establish close future relationships with companies, the team Thinking With You decided to trust Camaloon to create personalised merchandising products with their own logo, and later distribute them to said clients.

Thanks to these personalised notebooks, the company has obtained a perfect product for their clients as well as their employees. It is the best way to implement the idea of "inclusion", one of the most valued atributes in the philosophy of team work within an organisation.

Why choose personalised notebooks?

Personalised notebooks are products which people carry everywhere, thanks to their comfortable A5 size and little weight, they are a necessary everyday work product that everyone uses. Especially those that work in a group like Thinking With You, who often communicate by taking personal notes, drawing and sketching.

Stationary items are often found to be the most popular personalised products as they can be used by companies as a gift for their employees, which helps strengthen the team spirit, create identity and pride for the brand.

Create your notebooks

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