It's been about a decade since Camaloon started its operations as manufacturer of promotional products and it's customization. In an almost artisan way, the first customized T-shirts and custom badges were made. A local in Reus (Tarragona) was the first step towards creating a great company that it is today. With the combination of ambition and hard work, what started as a small activity in Reus has become one of the most important customization companies for promotional products. This time, the story we want to tell is that of Cristóbal Luceno, current factory manager. He holds the position of factory manager at Camaloon and is one of the pioneers in the birth of this company.

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François Reynal and Markus Murakaru are two promising young men working in the sales department at Camaloon. Their meticulous work in the sector has contributed significantly to the success of their respective markets, France and Germany. How? With values like involvement, culture, security, and responsibility. And the certainty that technology can always help people improve themselves.

About François: from SDR to Team Leader of the French Market

François is a charismatic 26-year-old Camalooner. He carefully doses “I” from “us” and always speaks about teamwork and engagement. François is able to put his strong beliefs into practice and make the French team grow.

Take the most useful and needed products to promote a company, and let the world customize them, and the business is done. There are those who understood before others that they have an unparalleled richness in their hands, a fortune called personalization, which gives rise to Camaloon.

Camaloon is a mix of colours, diversity and ideas, but above all, stories. The sharing of traditions, cultures and values behind every single product through an intelligent and non-invasive promotional campaign that enriches the consumer with an all-around journey.

This time, the story that we want to tell is the one of Enrikas Balsys. His position in the company is between the product and the final customer, and embodies the CEO’s vision: grow, grow, grow.

Career path

When Enrikas started his career in Camaloon as Project Manager, he was responsible for the launch of new products: looking for new ideas and new providers, facilitating the process of releasing the products, which included testing the product itself and the printing, while coordinating with the product and marketing department. During the 7 months that Enrikas has spent with Camaloon so far, he has proven to be capable of taking responsibilities: which is why he earned a promotion within the operations team.

The Growth Marketing Department plays a key role in Camaloon, an e-commerce focused company, however, you may be wondering what this team really does! Last week we had the opportunity to speak with Thomas, one of our talented Camalooners, who is currently working as a Traffic Acquisition Specialist.

The beginning

When we asked him why he decided to join Camaloon, Thomas gave us a clear answer: “When I first heard about Camaloon, I was currently enrolled in a Master of Science in Marketing. At the end of my second semester, I wanted to find an internship in a young and dynamic start-up where I could have different opportunities to grow.”

He continued explaining that working at Camaloon gave him the possibility to learn a lot about his job, as well as other different tasks, for example in the Content Marketing Department. We agreed that working in a start-up environment is something unique, where learning from your mistakes is the main point.

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