​Cayena Blanca´s topsy-turvy creative world

Cayena Blanca´s Camaloon Gallery

Today we are glad to introduce a new artist in the Camaloon gallery: Cayena Blanca. Let´s ask her some questions before exploring this artist´s work. Who´s she? Where is she from? Why did she become an artist? We have so many questions for this uncommon artistic style.

Introduce yourself quickly.

My name is María Virginia, I´m from Venezuela and I live in Barcelona, Spain. I´m a graphic designer, specialized in textile design and illustration.

Explain your tastes roughly (colors, songs, movies, food…)

Actually, I love all colors. Nature makes me happy. I enjoy sweets and horror movies.

Where does your passion for art come from?

From my childhood. My parents are architects and they love art, so when we were traveling, they used take us to museums and great exhibitions. I remember I used to spend all my allowance into art posters for my room. My grandfather was an art collector quite famous in Venezuela. So I´ve been raised with really peculiar paintings and sculptures.

Ask yourself a question and answer it.

Shall we go to the beach? Of course!

Do you like other Camaloon artists?

I like Balázs Solti´s faceless characters and Leah Flores´s typographic artworks.

How would you describe your artistic style?

Organic, meaningful, chaotic and intense.

Who is your favorite artist? Famous or not.

David Carson.

Tell us about your Camaloon artworks.

Well, I don´t have many as yet. I´m uploading one by one, slowly. You can find a little bit of everything: patterns, flower illustrations and I also want to upload some typographic artworks.

How did you feel after the final episode of Breaking Bad was over?

I felt like a cycle was over. I loved the last season and also the last episodes. I actually felt quite pleased after watching the last episode.

Tell us a personal or professional anecdote.

Two weeks back, I was working all night long to apply for a drawing contest. In the morning, I realized that the deadline for appliance was the week before. That´s my life, I 'm quite messy.

What is Camaloon to you?

It’s a creative space in which the freedom of artistic expression is really high, thus it offers a wide range of designs for clients.

A last comment?

Thanks for the invitation!

Dear readers, explore Cayena Blanca´s Camaloon gallery by clicking on the picture below.

Cayena Banca´s Camaloon Gallery

/ aurelien