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Conquer your target audience with 6 types of bags

There is nothing more useful than personalised bags, but not just any – all types of bags. Imagine the moment when you or other people go out of their house. It is most likely that everyone needs to carry something with them. It could be books, groceries, clothes, work tools and materials. In all cases, bags are essential to help you carry something in an organised and comfortable way.

Besides being so helpful to people, bags can also be beneficial to you and your business. How? Personalised jute bags can help you find your target audience and promote your company’s identity. This will allow you to have your logo and slogan recognised. More people will be able to discover about you and your products and services.

All sizes and tastes

Bags are an item that can help you reach any type of target audience you might need to approach. There are different types of bags for different types of people. The needs of these people are extremely important to understand how to connect with them.

One thing is for sure, bags can be a key to get in contact with your target audience! Let’s look at some of the situations and contexts where you will be able to propose your personalised bags and get in touch with your target audience.

Inside your shop

Bags are perfect for shops. However, personalised bags are even better. Imagine your customers getting out of your shops and walking the streets holding a bag with your business identity on it. It is very easy to transform a shopping bag into a walking ad.

In your shops, you can address your clientele with personalised paper bags. They are convenient and safe for different types of products. Clothes, materials and dry food are all products that can be easily stored into paper bags and even be carried for a long period of time. 

Online shop

Selling online will be even easier to target your audience and manage to match their needs. Different types of bags can be applied to online selling.

One of these can be kids’ bags. Suddenly, school time has arrived and parents are now looking online for the perfect bag for their kids. The online world offers them the opportunity to look for the best option in terms of quality, money and personalisation.

If you are looking into creating an online business opportunity for yourself kids’ bags are one of the good options.

Public events

Another great chance to use bags is public events. Situations like conferences, auditions, fairs, markets, concerts and sports events. Products like jute bags and tote bags can serve you very well during those occasions. The best thing is that those objects do not stop serving you as long as people use them in their lives.

Personalise your jute or tote bags and make the best impression on your client. Both jute and tote bags are eco-friendly and compostable. This means that they reduce our CO2 footprint making your business a more sustainable one.

At the office

Everyone can recognise on the streets, on the bus, on the metro who is going or coming back from work. What makes it easy to recognise them is one thing, the backpack. What if people could recognise your brand as well?

Types of bags matter. A lot of people need backpacks to mobilise themselves through the city carrying their working materials. Backpacks can fit computers, documents, cables, food, drinks, a change of clothes. Depending on the needs also many other things.

Although their utility for you will be the publicity it will give you. Having your co-workers or employees using your personalised bags will help your brand identity spread effortlessly.

Is this target audience yours? 

When we talk about target audience we mean that set of people that belong to a category made of specific characteristics. It could be anything related to the person’s geographical location, age, gender, income and behaviours. It is very important to know who your buyer personas are and how to reach them.

Your target audience can be made of individuals that might need a tote bag more than a backpack to go to the grocery at the bulk shop. While some others might need the backpack to carry their computer and personal items to work. Paper bags might be the best shopping option for your eco-friendly customers.

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