​Letters with a personal touch

There are many ways to send a message to someone. First, we have to think about what we want to write down, then decide whether we go for a more direct approach or we'd go for a thousands words. There are have plenty of reasons to send a letter: to wish luck, for a party invitation or for someone that you haven´t seen for a long time. It doesn't really matter why you send a card, the point is to deliver a message and make it memorable by customizing it with small details in order to highlight the content.

That is the reason why, when we discovered Fab´s idea, we found out how original it is to customize your letter with, for instance, a sticker!

Nowadays we receive a lot of mail… especially email, let´s say 20 emails a day. And what about the tangible ones? How many do you receive a day? Almost none...

That is why every customized message will from now turn into something really special that will be kept carefully as the Holy Graal. If you create a unique letter for someone, he will treasure it as an item with a high personal value.

Fab knows it and she designed this nice illustration you can find on her Camaloon gallery (WreckThisGirl).

If you have other ideas on how to create stickers for your mail, you can make them true on our website. Choose the shape that suits better for your cards.

/ aurelien