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Delivery options: combining manufacturing and shipping

As manufacturers, at Camaloon we control time of production. And as a business we partner with the safest and fasted couriers to deliver your package rapidly and efficiently.

In need of making a last minute order for your company’s event?

Worry not! At Camaloon we understand your business, and when placing an order with us you can choose the date of delivery.

We are your partners, and therefore to best fulfill your needs we believe you should be given multiple options of delivery dates.

Enjoy our validation service

We are unique in our sector for providing our customers with a free validation service. In fact, our validation team collaborates with you in the realization of the highest quality design for your custom products. Only after the validation process will your order be confirmed and ready for production.

When you are ready for check-out, you’ll be presented with a series of delivery options to choose between. These are given to you based on quantity of product and type of product.

In order to assure your package has the fastest and safest delivery, we partner with couriers we trust to be efficient. These independent entities price shipping costs based on total price of the order and weight of the package, and transport your package by land or air to ensure we meet your chosen delivery date.

Camaloon reaches everyone

Camaloon is everyone’s local provider. With our multiple locations around the world, creating your custom merchandise is easier than ever. Discover our locations and find us in your country!

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