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What is the difference between polyester and vinyl sticker?

At Camaloon we’ve expanded the range of personalised stickers in order to offer solutions to all of your needs. Vinyl and polyester stickers of all shapes and sizes, sticker rolls, silk-screen printing and much more. Give our stickers a try and you’ll soon become hooked.

The new adhesives are available on our website and are an effective solution for making a big impact with minimal investment.
If you want to know the difference between the polyester and vinyl stickers, here are the fundamental features you need to know in order to choose the material that best adapts to your needs.


The polyester stickers are printed using next-generation laser printers that print onto material with a thickness of 58 μm. The technical efficiency of our printing allows us to produce large quantities.
The vinyl adhesives are printed using Inkjet technology onto material with a thickness of 80 μm. The print definition is flawless, as is the vinyl cut which is carried out in a personalised way and with the highest level of precision.

Material and durability

The polyester stickers are better than the paper ones, and they are the perfect solution if you are looking for an alternative as a middle-ground between the vinyl stickers and other kinds. The material has a thickness of 58 μm and a glossy finish.
For vinyl adhesives we use a white vinyl monomer. They are ideal mainly for smooth surfaces, windows and window displays, as well as for your mobile or if you have a specific idea for decorating your car or motorbike. They withstand the most extreme climatic conditions, enduring temperatures of between -40 and 80 degrees. The vinyl stickers have a matte laminate that gives them extra resistance on top of a stylish finish for complementing your brand.


Due to the type of material and ease of distribution, the polyester stickers can be used as a cost-effective solution when choosing adhesives for promos or campaigns in order to make a big impact. The vinyl stickers, due to their excellent quality, are the perfect choice for adding a touch of style to your slogan and are especially good for signposting areas. Both have different prices which are tailored according to the quantity.


The polyester stickers are recommended to be used for promotions and for handing out at retail outlets, for example. They are very effective for large prints. They are great value for money, especially when ordering in large quantities. If you are aiming to make a big impact with minimal investment, these are the stickers for you.

The vinyl stickers are versatile and stand out for their top quality. Resistant, long-lasting and with a great sticking power, these stickers are perfect for your smooth surfaces, displays, windows, furnishings and packaging, and you can choose ones that can be used in indoor or outdoor areas, which withstand even the rain.

If you want to give our stickers a try, you will also find special ones on our website for decorating your car. Go for it and create your own with a fun idea.

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