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Double-side printing has arrived at Camaloon

The news at Camaloon never stops and this time we have a new printing technique for you to customize some of our items. Double-sided printing is here on selected products. This includes mirrors, notebooks, keychains, bags, and T-shirts. Enjoy a more original finished product that allows your creative side the freedom to really break loose.

Textile with double-side printing: bags and Roly Atomic and Sol’s Regent T-shirts

Textile products are the most used items when it comes to customization and uses in promotions. Customized T-shirts and bags have become an ideal pairing when creating promotional items for your designs, logos and images.

Customize my bags

Design my t-shirt

Customized stationary with double-sided printing

At Camaloon we think that it is always necessary to take advantage of both sides of a sheet of paper or a notebook. With this logic, we want you to be able to customize both sides of our notebooks, adding your designs and images and making the product truly special and unique.

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More promotional Items

Mirrors and keychains also join the double-sided printing movement and allow all your customers to carry and reflect your brand wherever they go. You can select from a wide range of customized mirrors and keychains to hand out at any event, with your logo and business name, now on both sides.

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Add more value to your items with double-sided printing

The ability to customize your products on both sides is synonymous with success. When choosing which product we want to use we must take into account the visibility that these items will have.

As always, if what you really want to do is to save money on your purchase of customized articles, the best option is to place a wholesale order. Do not miss this opportunity to try this new printing technique and use the full space and potential of the products to convey your message more clearly and boldly.

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