Elise joins the Camaloon crew

We keep growing every month and the Customer service is one of the main piece of the Camaloon puzzle. Here comes Elise to support the Camaloon crew and our clients.

Two lines to introduce yourself or three adjectives.

Hi, my name is Elise and I´ve been working for Camaloon since the beginning of the summer.

I am hard-headed and I work seriously, but I also know how to relax after work!

What do you like the most of Camaloon?

The thing I like the most is simply the environment. People at Camaloon are like a big family taking care of the growing company and it is so interesting to take part in it.

Your first day at Camaloon, what happened?

On the day I arrived, it was somebody's birthday in the company. This person had brought cookies and I was told that it often happens. I thought "Oh, welcome to paradise!"

Tell us a story about you. We are very nosy! ;)

One day when I was 10, I was playing outside with my brother and I walked on a sewer. Of course there are sewers everywhere in the streets, but the thing is this one was not tightly closed and I fell inside the hole. Luckily it was not deep, but I still have a scar on my leg. I'm nearly sure I'm the only person you know who has already fallen in a sewer haha.

/ aurelien