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Employee Gifts: 11 Ideas They Are Sure To Love

Giving employee gifts is an important and significant gesture that should not be neglected by companies. But what benefits are hidden behind giving gifts and what is their importance?

Receiving employee gifts is associated with a manifestation of appreciation, thanks and/or recognition. Giving gifts has a positive effect not only on the recipient, but also on the person who gives the gift.

This is why companies should not neglect all the advantages that come with gifting their employees. Gifting the people who are an essential part of any organisation, is a tangible way to show appreciation.

Employee gift ideas

When you’re thinking of employee gift ideas, some signs of a good gift is that it’s useful, meaningful, and personal.

Gifts can vary depending on the occasion, the person and the purpose. You can create a gift that is for use within the office or for work from home. It can be for everyday use, or created for a special occasion such as a holiday or anniversary.

Regardless of the reason, here we give you 11 gift ideas that your employees will love. 

Gifts for the office

Whether working at the office or remotely, these affordable gift ideas will come in handy for everyday use.

1) Note taking kit with your customized name or message

Taking notes is beneficial: it improves concentration, helps retain information, improves the organisation of tasks and ideas. Plus, it’s great for keeping track of all the important things at work.

To make the gift more special, you can customize it with your employee’s name or a message. The advantage of these items is that they can be very unique and attractive gifts.

2) Bamboo Wireless Chargers

Bamboo wireless chargers are one of the best gifts you can give!

They have a visually appealing design, in addition to being made of ecological material. Your employees can carry it with them to keep their mobile battery charged. No need to be connected to a plug.

3) Anti-stress dice

It’s normal to have stressful work days and when that happens, stress toys are there to help release the tension. That’s not the only benefit of these toys: they are great exercise tools for the hands and wrists.

Employees who spend much time typing on a computer or mobile, suffer from severe pain and hand stiffness. Exercising them from time to time using one of these toys can help prevent pain. You can customize them in different ways, such as with a customized message or your brand logo.

Employee gifts for everyday life

Useful everyday gifts are the favorites of almost everyone. A great gift does not have to cost a lot of money. We give you some affordable gift ideas, that your employees will appreciate a lot.

4) Laptop backpack

Personalised laptop bag are one of the most comfortable ways to carry your personal things and work equipment. In addition to being comfortable, they are also very stylish.

They are much more ergonomic than briefcases and can be worn with different types of clothing. On a daily basis, so they are a useful, practical and quite attractive employee gifts.

5) Thermos with customized message

Thermos is another product that has a place in daily life of any person. One of those things that you didn’t know you needed, but when you have them you realise how useful and practical they are.

Whether you use it at home, on a trip or in the office, a thermos allows you to carry your favorite drinks while maintaining their temperature for a long time. For a unique touch, you can customize it with the employee’s name or company logo. Don’t hesitate to take a look at our personalised cooler bags that might be interesting to your employees during hot days or our personalised gym bag that might be interesting!

6) Thermal cups

Another perfect gift for everyday life are customized thermal mugs . They are ideal for everyday use or travel. In addition, it is made with bamboo, which gives it a particular style and is friendly to the environment.

This mug is smaller in size than a thermos. It can be taken anywhere without fear of spills, making it one of the best gift items.

Christmas gifts

Christmas is the time of the year that is characterised by sharing and gift-giving. It’s the perfect time for employees gifts that are thoughtful and can be used all year long.

7) Headphones in bamboo box

Headphones are one of those gifts you can’t go wrong with, and a pair of wireless headphones makes an even better gift.

They’re stylish, comfortable to wear, and can be used with any type of Bluetooth-enabled device. These bamboo cased headphones are a high-quality, unique gift that your employees will love.

8) Wheat reed speakers as employee gifts

Just like headphones, speakers are the perfect gift for almost any occasion.

These speakers are made from wheat cane, so as well as being a quality product, they are also a sustainable gift. To add a more special detail, you can customize them with a message or your brand logo.

9) Keychain with power bank

This is a fairly simple gift, but certainly one of the most practical ones for anyone. It is a key ring that also has a power bank. This is the perfect combination of two necessary objects with an extra function.

Keeping the mobile phone charged is on everyone’s mind. Sometimes you can find yourself at a place where you do not have access to a charging point. You can easily avoid this problem when you have a key fob with an emergency battery.

10) Custom flask

Flasks are one of those gifts that can last for many years and will always maintain their quality and style.

This item has maintained its classic style and its popularity as an original gift for special occasions. In addition, you can customize the flask with laser engraving. This will give it an even more elegant and distinctive style.

11) A special experience

Another gift that will surely last a lifetime is a different and special experience. For instance, creating a great gift to celebrate the long-term employment of a company employee or an employee appreciation day.

Not all great gifts have to be something material; sometimes a unique moment is much more memorable and meaningful than anything else you can give your employees.

Why is it important for companies to give gifts to their employees?

Many companies invest in merchandising and giving promotional gifts to customers. However, giving employee gifts is just as or more important.

Giving gifts is not the only way to show recognition to your employees. However, we give you 3 reasons why you should implement this nice idea within your team.

Reason 1: Increases employee motivation

Workers are, without a doubt, a crucial part of a company and its success. But, like all people, we work better when feeling as part of something important.

Reason 2: Increases the sense of belonging

Promoting a sense of belonging is vital to increasing employee retention and creating a consolidated work team. Gifting each person to thank them for their work is a way of making a company a happy space. Everyone feels proud to be a part of this!

Reason 3: Happier Employees

How can a gift make employees happier? Well, in addition to what we have mentioned before, it is not only about what, but also about how. The gifting context matters. Organising an event, a meeting to celebrate a company achievement or someone’s birthday. Or, to celebrate a holiday such as Christmas is a great opportunity to gather the employees and simply have fun.

Leisure activities help prevent mental and physical exhaustion of employees, also known as burnout syndrome. A company with happy employees is a successful company. So take advantage of every opportunity you have to share success with your employees. Give them employee gifts to recognise their work and thank them for their dedication.

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