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5 good reasons to use tote bags

At Camaloon we have recently introduced a new product in our textile line; it is tote bags and today we want to give you five reasons you can’t miss out on them:

1. The material

At Camaloon we have introduced two models of fabric bags: classic tote bags and organic ones. When we thought about bags, our first concern was to use a material that would definitively replace plastic or any other kind of synthetic material. First of all for environmental reasons: limiting the use of plastic is a worldwide priority.

On the other hand and for our model of organic bag, we chose 100% environmentally friendly cotton. This fabric is natural and comes from environmentally friendly plantations where no pesticides or other chemical substances have been used. This material also has other properties such as a hard-wearing texture and is specially recommended for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

2. Durability

Another advantage of fabric bags. Because plastic bags don’t last, fabric ones guarantee long-term durability and withstand greater weight and long distances.

3. Savings

By using a fabric bag you will avoid having to buy plastic bags which are becoming increasingly expensive, both in shops and supermarkets. Taking your customised fabric bag with you, you won’t have to pay for another bag every time you go shopping.

4. Aesthetics

Because of their characteristics fabric bags have a style of their own, very different from plastic ones. Fabric bags are fashionable and more and more people choose them as a complement for going shopping, to work o just for going out and enjoying their leisure time.

5. Quality

Added to the quality of the material is the quality of the printing and you know how we like to pay attention to detail so that they are perfect. We want your pictures, designs, slogans or logos to look fantastic on your fabric bags, because caring for the planet and being fashionable is not impossible.

Find both our models here:

Elegant and classic bags for practical and urban use

100% organic bags, where caring for the environment and fashion meet.

Find the all the tote bags you see in these photos are available here.

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