The perfect recipe to create gifts for your wedding guests

Wedding guests magnets

At weddings, the newlyweds are usually the one who get gifts. However, it's always sweet to give some little presents back to the guests.

Camille and Bastien invited 200 guests for their wedding. Thus, the were looking for something affordable and original. Custom stickers and magnets did it for them! Their friend K'Naye, graphic designer, helped them create a gorgeous wedding design.

What is their recipe to create the perfect gift?

- A little bit of imagination

- A nice design

- Camaloon magnets

- Camaloon stickers

- Jelly beans and sugared almonds

According to Bastien "People loved it".

Chic and affordable, this gift turned this wedding into a long lasting memory.

Camille and Bastien Stickers

/ aurelien