5 good reasons to personalise T-shirts

Today we'll tell you why personalising T-shirts with your logo and designs is useful for your business.

1 - Space for ideas

Just like the majority of personalised products, T-shirts are one of the products that best allow you to express ideas. They allow space for logos, messages, creativity and quotes that help to spread your brand. For every campaign or brand activity, companies choose their own T-shirts in order to complete their strategy. Every idea can be adapted to the T-shirt thanks to the wide range of colours, stencils and printing areas. There's an endless amount of options for making every T-shirt look unique.

2 - The importance of the material

For quite a while, the material of T-shirts has become one of the most important aspects taken into account when buying a personalised T-shirt. These days, our awareness of material has increased: we're always looking for something that looks after our skin and prevents irritation and rashes, cotton that is produced on plantations where no pesticides or other toxic products are used, which is also respectful of the environment. This is why at Camaloon we've opted for a range of organic cotton T-shirts: they are the number one choice for those who want to wear and use a T-shirt that meets certain quality requirements and is also respectful of nature.

3 - Tailored printing

In order to accurately reproduce logos and images onto T-shirts, different printing techniques are used which adjust to the chromatic features of our design and to the purpose that the T-shirts are used for. For example, digital printing accurately reproduces colours thanks to its advanced technology. It is the perfect printing method for medium/small sized print runs and for getting a guaranteed result. For large quantities and logos with Pantone colours, silk-screen printing is the perfect choice: it accurately reproduces the original image and has an affordable cost for large distributions. We have the right kind of printing for every requirement.

4- Selling T-shirts online

Many brands develop a clothes line that is related to their own brand, with the aim of better spreading their name through slogans, resources and designs that win their public over. This marketing strategy is used by small and medium sized companies who decide to invest in a product with a high reputation which allows them to experiment with the most creative aspect of their brand.

5 - Boosting team spirit

Another key reason as to why it is advisable to personalise T-shirts is to be able to create or increase the feeling of teamwork among your employees (also known as team building). Creating T-shirts with your brand is the perfect way of boosting the relationship between employees and turning them into ambassadors of your brand; so that they are the first to show off their T-shirts with pride, inside and outside of work.

These are just some of the many reasons why it is beneficial to personalise T-shirts using your logo. If you wish to receive more information about personalised T-shirts, you can consult our updated web page with all of our offers.,

/ federico