Halloween Buttons: Jack o Lantern, Dracula & Frankenstein

Halloween is getting nearer. Only a couple of days left until the great Festival of Haunted figures.

Camaloon is trying on a lot of different dresses and we have created special buttons that glow in the dark for you. You can see them in our gallery:

Jack o Lantern Halloween Camaloon Button

Jack o'Lantern is a must for every Halloween party. In case you do not dress up as him, think of carving a pumpkin into his friendly face and don't forget to get the matching button. For an even more special effect, the buttons glows in the dark. You will surprise your invitees wearing it on your vest or simply leaving it on the tables for others to pick up.

Camaloon Halloween Button edition

Dracula is joining the party as well! And who else might be there? Frankenstein! How could he miss such a special occasion!

Camaloon Frankenstein Halloween Button

Let the party begin!