Halloween Buttons: Pirate

Today we have thought of a more friendly dress for Halloween: The Pirate!

Pirates can be pretty scary but they are also nice companions. This may be a sweet outfit for your little boy or girl who wants to participate in the trick or treating. Give him or her a badge that will glow in the dark and he will be the happiest kid around! These buttons are really fun to wear and such a surprise to everyone around once you step in a dark room.

Pirate Button for Halloween

Yesterday we talked about the root of the Halloween Festival. We askes where this traditions comes from and one answer is the European Harvest Fest. But there are many more legends around Halloween. At the end of October the Celts or other Pagan groups used to celebrate the Festival of the Deads such as the famous Samhain.

In Ireland and other celtic regions the beginning of November marked the time when the livestock was brought back from their summer dwellings - the green pastures. For that occasion, bonfires were lit and a feast prepared. People as well as cattle used to walk between two bonfires in a cleansing ritual. Also, for the same purpose, the slaughtered livestock's bones were thrown into the fire. People believed that in this time of the year the door to the souls of the dead would open and other beings would walk into our world.

This does explain the scary outfit and all the fake blood, doesn't it ? What is your explanation for Halloween? And what do you do on this special occasion.

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