Handmade bags with their very own accessory

An energy and passion for fashion and handmade items have led Cinzia to create her own company, which combines an authentic, artisanal feel with strict attention to detail.

The name of her company, Coccinella laboriosa, comes from a play on words with the initials of her name. Having started off with jewelry making, Cinzia switched to cross stitch, but it wasn't until she tried out several different crafts, did she dare to attempt projects like the woolen bag we see in the picture above.

From there, her work took another turn, opening up a myriad of possibilities; all made from chains, loops and, eventually, badges!

Cinzia chatted to us about how her idea of adding badges to bags came from the desire to add a unique touch to the items she designed. By chance, the very moment she had this idea she happened to be holding a badge in her hand... the rest, as they say, is history!

/ federico