How can you boost your brand awareness with creativity?

These days, it is difficult for companies to make their brand stand out among the countless events and advertisements that we are constantly surrounded by. It is for this reason that using creativity is key to making a difference and innovating in new styles and messages for spreading any campaign.

Among the creative proposals that enter Camaloon every day, we have been particularly impressed by the idea of the Insal'arte campaign from Ortoromi. This campaign has managed to perfectly combine a creative and innovative message through a product that symbolises freshness and simplicity. A perfect recipe for impressing the public and positioning the brand.

How did the graphical idea of Insal'arte come about?

We used Insal'Arte to reaffirm the quintessential identity of Ortoromi, as the cooperative is based on the essential values that define it: tradition, quality and innovation.

The pack has become a work of art that tells the story of the company's history, based on the simplicity and passion that allow them to take care of every little detail. We removed all of the information on the rear part of the packaging, making it a very clear side, with a white base that becomes transparent, in order to display the freshness of the product inside. Not to mention, the salads are drawn up with ad hoc photo shoots and the first letters of each reference name.

The new graphics of the packaging has received international awards and nominations for its design.

When did you make the decision to create personalised products?

We decided to work on the visual game and brand when the need to bring variety back into the company arose. Over the years, various product lines with multiple 'sub-brands' have been created; for this reason it was difficult to create a unified image, communicate and create awareness about the brand in particular.

Excellent quality and innovation are among Ortoromi's main values. How important is it for you to display these values to your partners (Camaloon in this case)?

Innovation is an essential element for the growth and development of a company and, as such, it is the main axis of business development strategies.

Much in the same way, it is important for us to collaborate with providers, partners and businesses that respond to those values that promote Ortoromi every day: quality, innovation, passion and reliability. We also see these values in Camaloon, which we discovered by chance a few months ago by browsing on the Internet and now they have become a partner to Ortoromi in spreading their Insal'Arte campaign.

What kind of results have the personalised products of Insal'arte achieved?

The promotional material of Insal'Arte has caused a huge amount of participation in fairs and events in which the Cooperative has displayed itself.

/ federico