How it’s made a badge in Camaloon

For many of us, September is the time to go back to school, for others it's time to jump into new purposes, new ambitions, smart ideas. We thought too about what else we could propose you for this return from vacations. So we came up with something that we had never been taken in consideration in Camaloon before, explaining in detail the production process of our products,. Many of you, our customers, at least once, have wondered know how a badge it’s made. How it’s made, how works the creation process or finally how it materializes a badge in Camaloon. For that, today we decided to open this new section on our blog, talking about the process of producing a badge We open the doors of our factory and we explain HOW IT'S MADE: How Camaloon create his badges

These are 5 steps that we follow every time we receive an order of badges

Step 1 | Validation of drawings |

Everything begins when confirming an order we exercise the validation of the drawings (checking the resolution, the colors proof, etc...) When everything it’s ok we send the designs to production, starting what we call the process of creation of the badge. Then we manage the specific procedures to print layouts, fixing the client's image to the size of the original template (if request).

Step 2 | Printing Drawings |

Based on the amount of pins to produce we will adapt also for printing, producing the required amount of papers to carry out the order. Once printed, we check again that the colors are corrected. The designs will be printed on paper CO2 neutral. A high-quality paper that is environmentally and eco-friendly.

Step 3 | Laminate Glossy / Matte |

Step 4 | Assembly the badges |

Depending on the size and type of badge the designs are punched, placing the two parts under pressure, to get one. From one side the printed design on the other the pure metal. Here our production staff makes the third check, checking that all is fine: printing, colors and finishing.

Step 5 | Packing, Set the shipping |

Finalizing the process of production, the production team of Camaloon will control the amount of pins, to achieve the ultimate final inspection and finally package them in the box. To seal the package there will only need to put it on the waiting list and wait for the truck DHL which will arrive promptly at 18pm to take away all the packages and deliver them around the world.

Now you can imagine all the steps every time you realize an order with Camaloon! Welcome to our production! ;)

/ federico