How do we produce Camaloon stickers?

Stickers are a versatile resource, easy to design, easy to use and a great way to promote an event, product, or just have some fun!

Camaloon enables you to produce uniquely personalised stickers, with as many designs as you can imagine!

But how do you actually make your stickers? Well, here we show you how easy it is!

Firstly go to the stickers page on our website, then you need to decide the shape, size and quantity. Once this is done click add to cart and follow the instructions for adding using your design(s) using our free design tool the Atelier. Upload your design with one click! If you want to add more designs easy. Simply click the add more button, you can add as many as you like! Once you have checked you are happy with your designs then finalise the order and we do the rest for you!

The next step!

The first thing we do when we receive your order via our website, is to ensure the designs are OK for the chosen sticker size eg resolution and colours etc are OK. We are very experienced with our stickers so we ensure all your designs have been validated before beginning the print run! If we find any problems one of our customer service representatives will be straight in contact with you discuss any problems we have found to ensure they are corrected!

Once validated , the design(s) pass to our pre-production department. There they check that everything is OK again, especially issues relating to the design colour and then set-up the print run to ensure the correct number of stickers per sheet etc.


The printing is done using a wide format printer from Epson, the technology leader in ultra-high resolution, large printers (ours is 2metre wide!!). Unlike some companies we are able to print in millions of colours, not just four! We also only use eco-friendly inks and solvents so you can be sure we do our bit to help conserve the planet!

The stickers are printed onto a special vinyl polymer that ensures they stand the test of time! This special polymer is one of the toughest around, but also allows us to maintain high quality images with no bleeding of colours.


Once printed the sticker sheets are thoroughly dried, and then laminated to provide a tough and protective cover to your stickers. This laminate also gives the stickers a special quality feel that is hard to describe without actually feeling them yourself!

With the vinyl polymer/laminate combination the stickers are weather and UV resistant, and are suitable for most surfaces! We supply one of Spain´s leading surfboard manufacturers with stickers for their boards, so we know our stickers are tough!

If you imagine the cross section of these stickers, you would see a sticker is like a sandwich made of several layers: the top would be the film of the laminate , the next lower layer of ink, following the vinyl polymer , then the adhesive vinyl and finally incorporates silicone paper wherein lies the vinyl adhesive and is removed in order to attach the sticker.


At this stage the stickers are still a part of the whole sheet of sticker, and therefore we need to cut around them to allow you to peel them off individually. There are two types depending on their cutting depth : the total cut, we call stamping, cutting all layers of the sandwich above. And the half cut (kiss cut) cutting the vinyl to reach the layer of silicone paper .

Having prepared your sticker sheets with the utmost care and attention to detail, we must then package them to ensure they arrive with you in 100% condition. We carefully pack so that we can ship them to you in the knowledge that when you receive and open them, they are as pristine as when they left our factory!

This is the Camaloon way! 100% unconditional love for your designs and stickers!

Article by Pere Rius

Founder Camaloon

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