How to Advertise Your Business With Personalised Coasters

Most people are tired of being bombarded with advertisements and have learned to ignore them, particularly when they are flashy and loud. Personalised coasters are perfect for low-key advertising. When people are having a drink and socialising, they are relaxed and in a good mood, and most of them look at coasters without realising they are being marketed to.

Here’s how you can distribute and use personalised coasters to promote your business.

Scatter personalised coasters around the workplace

Start with your workplace. Branded office supplies are an important part of your company’s culture. Create personalised coasters and place them around the workplace for anyone to see or use.

Give personalised coasters to employees

Hand personalised coasters to your employees to use outside their workplace. Let them take as many as they want and share them with their friends and family. You never know where your personalised coasters might end up and who might see your advertisement.

coaster and mug in an office

Gift personalised coasters to loyal customers

Customers should keep coming back to you because of your great products or services, but small gifts like personalised coasters show that you appreciate their business and make returning customers feel like they are a part of your success. 

Hand out personalised coasters at business events

Branded swag is a must-have at trade shows, conferences and other networking events. Distribute coasters to visitors to your booth or include them in a goodie bag along with other branded products. If there are caterers at the event, provide them with coasters to use during the event.

Distribute personalised coasters at community events

Customers prefer to support businesses that are active in their communities. Support a community event by donating useful branded merchandise, including coasters. This is an excellent way to get your company’s name in front of potential customers.

Give away your personalised coasters using social media

Personalized coasters make excellent freebies for a social media giveaway. For example, you can ask people to enter a contest by liking a post and tagging a friend in the comments, and use an online picker tool to choose a winner. You will promote your company through the giveaway and, later, the coasters.

In short

Personalised coasters are ideal for subtle advertising. Well-designed personalised coasters will draw attention without being intrusive and increase awareness about your brand. The more well-known a brand is, the more likely it is to inspire trust in those who have to make a purchase decision. Read our blog about printing techniques we use for personalising coasters to see how you too can create long-lasting coasters.

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