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How to Create the Perfect Welcome Pack

What is a Welcome Pack?

A welcome pack is full of different and practical items that are given to someone as a welcome greeting. Most often used in professional settings like a corporate office, it’s made up of practical things for office use.


In prior years, welcome packs used to simply include office supplies such as a notebook, pen, pencil, calendar and even personalised canvas bags sometimes were given an employee’s first day to welcome them into the office. As years went on and new trends emerged, the concept of corporate culture and corporate social responsibility have evolved, and with that, so have welcome packs; turning into a crucial marketing tool for the company.


Today, welcome packs state the company’s values. Depending on the company, welcome packs often include social benefits and certain aspects of social responsibility that the company abides by. This is why welcome packs are seen as a perk for potential applicants and the reason why talent acquisition focuses on creating the perfect welcome pack.

Your brand image is not only relevant for consumers, but for your internal employees as well. At the end of the day, the better you treat your employees, the better brand ambassadors they will be.

Who Benefits from Providing Welcome Packs?

Well, the obvious answer here is: top management and their employees. However, besides the corporate world, there are others in various market sectors who can benefit from providing welcome packs!


For instance, a hotel that provides a welcome pack for their guests benefits from this as the guests value the kind gesture. But let us offer you some creative ideas for welcome packs so you can adapt them for your business as well and reap the rewards!

Welcome Pack Ideas

A welcome pack can be as creative as you want it to be but we’ll provide you with some common and useful tips to get you started!


In general, a welcome pack should be informative and useful in some sort of way (e.g personalised shopping bags, personalised cooler bags or personalised wine bags). The person receiving it, whether an employee, guest, or whoever it may be, should see the purpose of it immediately. And don’t forget to let your creativity shine through by making it aesthetically pleasing as visual presentation plays a crucial role.

So, before putting together your welcome pack, it’s important to identify what the purpose of it is and the added value it provides to the recipient. The best way to do so is by aligning it with the company’s mission and vision, and including products in it that are either what your company sells or portray the company values. Is your company focused on sustainability? Usability? Quality? Ensure the pack makes sense.


So what do we mean exactly by “makes sense”? Well, think about your company’s theme, main colours, the offerings you provide and include them in some way. You can even personalise the welcome pack by engraving a company logo or name into one of the products, like a water bottle or personalised paper bags! You can always include an employee manual as it will surely be of use for the new hire.


Or maybe you’re an Airbnb host and want to make a lasting impression on your guests. You can make a list of the best things to do and see in the city, providing your guests with knowledge and ease about visiting a new place.


And of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with the latest trends. This will show the recipient of the welcome pack that you truly do care and want them to have a great experience, portraying this through a well-thought out welcome pack.

Now, let’s look at some of the product that can be used for different types of welcome packs:

Business-Based Welcome Pack

Evidently, the most common products included in welcome packs are utilities that a company provides to its new employees on their first day.


These items are meant to provide two purposes:


  • Crucial for day-to-day work in the office
  • To create a feeling of inclusiveness with the team


Most importantly, a welcome pack in a corporate office should essentially say “welcome, we’re happy to have you here!”

Here are some great product options to include in your welcome pack:


Business related or not, notebooks are super practical and necessary for a welcome pack. Even if your company is one of the most innovative companies with cutting edge technology, a notebook will nonetheless be used amongst your employees. Whether it’s for note-taking, scheduling, or anything else, a notebook is an everyday tool! Especially for new employees, they can ensure all of their notes from orientation and training are stored in a safe place that they can always refer back to.

<p “=””>Personalise the notebooks for them and make them feel even more appreciated. Do so by selecting which format, colour and design you want to implement on it and go one step further and include a personalised pen!


Name Tags

This may be obvious but name tags are highly recommended and practical in a workplace.


Not only for the general day-to-day work, but name tags are especially convenient for larger meetings where not everyone knows one another, for conferences, retreats, anything that involves employees getting together who are not already on a name-to-name basis. Name tags will definitely assist easier communication and management of the overall event.


Or maybe you’re a business that offers a consulting service, recruitment or real estate, or really, any other service that requires frequent communication with new people. In this case, name stickers are a great and affordable way to ensure there’s clear communication and enhanced networking.


Besides putting these tags or stickers on ourselves, they can also be used for identifying other objects like coffee mugs to ensure they don’t get mixed up with someone else’s.

Don’t forget, when including these name tags to the welcome pack, you can have them pre-personalised with the person’s name and a cool design..

Name tags and badges


Let’s be real here for a second, no matter how motivated your employees may be, they all get tired every so often, especially in the morning. There’s no better way to wake up than with a nice cup or tea or coffee, so, this is a must-have welcome pack item! A personalised glass mug is a necessity in the office, and it will be appreciated very much as a gift. You can also offer personalised travel mugs to the most adventurous!

Make sure to customise the personalised ceramic mugs with the employee’s name and a motivational quote, or even with the company logo and design to emphasise the values of your company.

Coffee or tea mugs

Water Bottles

Just like mugs, a personalised water bottle is just as important! Not only are you ensuring your employees stay hydrated and healthy, but you’re also attaining corporate social responsibility as water bottles are eco-friendly!

With personalised water bottles, you can promote your business through indirect advertising as it can include your brand image clearly displayed on the bottle, so whenever taken outside of the office others will take note of the logo!

Individual bottles

Webcam Protectors

Most companies value their security, especially when working with highly confidential information. So, what better way to ensure data protection externally then through the use of a webcam protector? This is especially important in the case of remote workers, make sure your company information is safe wherever it may be accessed! If you relate to this, then why not include a webcam protector in the welcome pack?

A small but practical device that will ensure proper internal and external communication within your company.

Webcam protectors

Phone Holders

As great as basic office equipment is, it’s just as important to include items in the welcome pack that can also be useful outside of the workplace. And as mentioned above, you have to stay up to date with the latest technology, like a phone holder.

This is super relevant if you offer a company work phone. You can even get phone holders personalised with a print of your choice! Include it in the welcome pack and watch the delightful look of surprise your employees have when opening it up.

Phone holders


It’s rare now to find a company that doesn’t provide their employees with a personalised lanyard, which is why a lanyard is a crucial part of a welcome pack! Lanyards are great for identification purposes, along with securing one’s keys, work ID cards or anything else that can be attached in a practical way.

Personalise it with the company name and logo and once again, gain brand recognition through indirect advertising.

Lanyards for welcome pack


Hotel and Airbnb Welcome Pack

No better way to gain customer satisfaction than through excellent customer service. There are so many different ways to achieve this, and one of the best is through a personalised welcome pack for your airbnb or hotel guests. This will make the guests happy and create a lasting impression, even ensuring repeat business from them!

With so many accommodation options today, it’s important to find a way to stand out from the competition. Guests are expecting quality service, especially within the tourism industry. And the most common way people book hotels or airbnbs today is through references and reviews. So how do you ensure you receive great reviews? Through offering outstanding service and going the extra mile by providing a welcome pack.

This sort of welcome pack can include a variety of products and services. For instance, a map and guide of the city, with helpful tips and best places to visit. Tourism is highly focused on providing high quality service that’s attentive to detail.

Below you will find a list of ideas that can be useful for a guest’s welcome pack.

Tote Bags

Trendy tote bags or beach bags are super practical for hotels to offer to their guests, especially if it’s in a beach city! You can include a subtle advertising technique, like implementing the hotel logo at the bottom or corner of the bag, alongside a fun and visually appealing design.

Your guests will keep these bags even after their vacation, always serving as a reminder of the great trip and experience they had staying at the hotel.

Tote bags and summer beach bags

Hand Fans

Are you offering accommodation in a place where summer is basically every season all year round? Lots of humidity and sunny days? Then why not offer your guests a convenient and stylish way to cool down? Hand fans are a great way to remain cool when you’re in places that don’t have AC, like outside at the beach.


This will ensure you provide your guests with a comfortable time, and they will thank you for it!

Include a hand fan to the welcome pack and customise it with pretty colours that can coincide with your brand’s colours. Attention to details matters!

Hand fans

Beach Blanket

If the location is a beach town, then a beach blanket is an absolute must for your welcome pack. Design it with a colourful pattern and with the name of the hotel, it will surely be featured on your guests’ Instagram posts (benefitting you with free advertising). Promote your business while satisfying your guests!

Events and Entertainment

Include a magazine or personalised event-based journal in your guests’ welcome pack. This can have information about events and various entertainment taking place in the city during the time the guest will be there for. This is a great way to show your guests you care by going the extra mile and offering them a cultural guide.

Toiletry Bags

Most hotels offer complimentary shampoos for their guests, and if you don’t you definitely should! A creative way to offer this is by placing them inside a trendy and stylish toiletry bag with the hotel logo on it. Ensure to add this item to your welcome pack and the guests will perceive this as very thoughtful and in turn, give your hotel a 5-star rating! Not to mention they will keep these bags even after their vacation is done, always remembering the nice time spent in your hotel.

Want to be even more thoughtful? Offer a transparent toiletry bag to your guests as it’s crucial for flight security! Show them you’re thinking of them and that you truly do care.

Toilet bags

Ear Plugs and Sleep Masks

As much as you want to ensure your guests’ needs are met, some things can be out of your control. For instance, the person in the next room could snore really loudly and cause sleeping problems for others. Why not make something that’s out of your control, within your control by providing ear plugs for sensitive sleepers? Or maybe your guests prefer to sleep with a sleep mask but forgot they’re at home, ensure to include these items in your welcome pack!

Phone Accessories

Everyone, at least once, has forgotten their phone charger at home. This can be super frustrating, especially because we all use our phones for photos and photos are an absolute necessity when taking a vacation! Why not offer a personalised magnetic 3-in-1 phone charger cable as a complimentary gift in your welcome pack? Your guests will LOVE this special item.

Phone chargers

Wine Time!

Is your hotel or airbnb located in a famous wine place? If so, ensure you gift your guests a nice local bottle of wine but why not go the extra mile and present it to them in a personalised wine bag?

Make sure to print your logo on the bag and design it beautifully!

Everyone has a Sweet Tooth

It’s rare that you meet someone who doesn’t have a craving for something sweet every once in a while, and there’s no better way to welcome someone than by fulfilling that craving!

Select the best candies, chocolates, or all things sweet and place them into a personalised organic cotton pouch. You can include some local delicacies with recommendations for bakeries and restaurants around the hotel or airbnb, this shows you’re dedicated to accommodating your guests in the best way possible.

Organic cotton pouches

Sustainable Straws

If you’re representing a beach resort, then surely you’re welcoming your guests with refreshments like tropical cocktails. And what better way to show them you care about both them and the environment than by offering reusable, sustainable straws that you can even personalise!


Ensure you include this in the welcome pack as it is something the guests can keep after their holiday for future use.

To bring together the welcome pack with the sustainable straw, you can throw in a recipe for one of the hotel’s signature cocktails, so that they can feel like they’re on vacation even after they’ve left.

Branded sustainable straws

Pocket-sized Notebooks

Last but not least for hotel and airbnb welcome packs, a pocket-sized notebook is an ideal gift! Maybe the guest won’t use it while on their holiday, but it could be great for personal use afterwards. Make sure to include your brand name on the cover with a pretty design and even a QR code for future reference in case any contact should be made again with the hotel.

Pocket-sized notepads



Church Welcome Pack

Unexpected, but rather popular, are church welcome packs! Unlike the previous two welcome packs mentioned, church welcome packs are geared towards welcoming, supporting and guiding fellow church goers. The purpose is to offer practical ideas of what the religion teaches and of course, the benefits.


So, what do you include in such a welcome pack?


Notepads with a Pen

This is a great item to include in the welcome pack as it is very practical. All the thoughts and feelings one could have during a church service, they can jot down in their notepad to reflect upon them later. Or, perhaps many questions arise and you’re not able to ask them right away, you can write them down in your notepad and get the answers later. It’s super convenient and of course, can be used outside of the church setting as well!


This is a great way to show people that you, as the church organisation, believe that every thought counts.

Notepads with pen

Personalised Pouch

You can carry anything in an organic cotton pouch. These are ideal if your church group enjoys taking nature walks as a group-bonding activity. If you want to really reconnect with mother nature, why not put some bird seeds in the pouch and enjoy bird feeding? This will give a sense of unity. Other than that, the pouch could be used essentially for anything the recipient of the pack wants!

Pouch for bread crumbs


Religion, in itself, is centered around unity, forming familial ties. Most people, in order to do so, tend to have dinner together and spend time in each other’s company. Show your people that you are encouraging them to do so by providing them with sets of fabric tissues to have for dinner placements, and maybe even add in a great recipe!



Offering a personalised fridge magnet is a great way to commemorate a feeling of trust and community. Include a photo fridge magnet in your welcome pack with a photo of the church, or photo of the group, you could also add contact details on the back of the personalised magnets with a message such as “call whenever you need to!”. Camaloon proposes a lot of affordable magnets, so don’t hesitate to contact us !

Fridge magnets


Community Programs

Apart from being a place for spiritual connection, the church is also a place of social connection. The church plays a vital role in social integration and increasing engagement and involvement within local communities. Add some informative flyers or event schedules into the welcome back and encourage people to attend community events!



Eco-friendly Welcome Pack

More and more people are concerned about saving the planet by using eco-friendly products that are sustainable and reusable. These include products that were produced in accordance with the eco-sustainable guidelines, such as ecological materials and products that advocate for social responsibility.


Here are some ideas for eco-friendly products that you can incorporate into your welcome pack:



Sustainability revolves around reusable products and plastic-free materials. So, instead of purchasing plastic mugs, why not take the eco-friendly approach for your welcome pack? There’s no better way to show someone you care about the environment than by taking part in the eco-friendly trend and lifestyle!

Whether it’s an office mug, a travel mug, or any type of mug for any type of use, implementing it into the welcome pack will encourage the person to also be more environmentally friendly! Of course, don’t forget to add a touch of personalisation so outsiders know what you stand for.

Eco-mugs for welcome pack



Encourage your employees or whoever the recipient of this eco-friendly welcome pack is to adapt to a more eco-friendly lifestyle by providing them with guidance on how to consume more bioproducts. Print a list of seasonal fruits and vegetables with the best local shops to buy from, along with more suggestions on sustainable restaurants!


Healthy Food, Healthy Mind, Healthy Earth

Advocate for a healthy lifestyle by offering fresh, “home-made”, sustainable and of course, eco-friendly food recipes in the welcome pack! Plant the seed in their mind of starting a herbal garden at home by including a small pouch of seeds. You could also add in a basil plant and attach recommendations on best meals to make using basil. These suggestions will be appreciated for their thoughtfulness.

Eco-friendly Notebooks

For every welcome pack, a notebook is a necessity. It doesn’t matter if it’s used for a personal or professional reason, notebooks are always practical gifts. Now, if you want to be environmentally friendly, this is most definitely an added feature!


Personalise the notebook and include a note indicating that it was made from recycled materials, both for the paper and the cover.

Eco-friendly notebooks

Bio-cotton T-shirts

Everyone loves receiving a classic tee as a gift, so it’s important to include it in your welcome pack. What makes it EVEN better is by gifting one that is made from bio-cotton material, this shows that you value not only the recipient, but the environment as well. An added bonus is that you will gain more brand recognition through yet another form of indirect advertising by personalising the tees.

Bio-cotton T-shirts

Paper Roll Labels

For the cherry on top, add paper roll stickers to your eco-friendly welcome pack. Print your logo on it and attach it to a pouch for example, it will give a trendy look and promote an environmentally friendly conscience.

Paper roll stickers


Personalisation is the Key to Success with Welcome Packs

Camaloon specialises in the production and personalisation of promotional items, no matter what sector you are in! With more than a decade of experience in the field, we can state with certainty that:


  • Welcome packs are applicable for various occasions and sectors
  • Welcome packs offer multiple benefits for both internal and external promotion
  • Welcome packs can be affordable, effective and creative

In this blog article we’ve given a few suggestions for what you can include in your welcome pack, but we’re always promoting creativity! So, if you tend to think outside the box, don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts and ideas for items to be personalised and included in your welcome pack. Be sure to go through our catalogue, and should you have any recommendations, please let us know.


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