How to make stickers

The idea

Before you start making any type of sticker, it's important to have a clear idea and know what you want to achieve with your personalised stickers. How many stickers do you want to make? How are you going to use them? What type of sticker is best for your business? This post will help you answer some of these questions.

Type of sticker

Not all stickers are the same. You need to think about the type of material, shape, size and type of cut you want to use.

The best known and most popular material is vinyl without a doubt. Most of our customers choose it because it is resistant and has a perfect finish. Polyester is a more affordable solution if you want to make a large quantity. To find out more about the difference between vinyl and polyester stickers, you can read about it in our article that explains the materials we use to produce our stickers.

How to create personalised stickers

Once you've decided on the design and the sticker type you want, you can carry on creating.
1- Go to the website and choose the type of sticker you want to create
2 - Choose the shape, edges, other printing details and lastly the quantity
3 - Then you can add your design or photo in Camaloon's design area, and modify them and add text, icons or themes at any time
4 - Once you've designed your stickers, add your delivery info and select the delivery type to make your order and finalise the payment.

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