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How to promote your business with customized stickers

Creating custom stickers with your company logo, designs or promotional messages, allows you to stick your brand where it will have the most impact!

Thanks to the pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side of the stickers, they can be attached to any surface where you want to promote your brand.

Let's jump into our sticker selection, and discover the benefits of promoting your business through custom stickers!

Vinyl stickers

Vinyl stickers are perfect for promoting your brand or products in a low-cost and efficient way. They are produced with high-quality digital CMYK print in full colour, to ensure durability up to 4 years. Our vinyl stickers are available in any quantity from 10 units above.

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Clear stickers

Vinyl stickers with transparent backgrounds are printed through silkscreen printing on transparent vinyl and laminated with a glossy finish, to make your design stand out anywhere you place it.

You can even choose on which side you want to be adhesive, in case you need to place a sticker on the inside of a window and display it outwards.

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Polyester stickers

Polyester stickers with CMYK print are excellent for labelling and branding your products or packaging to promote your brand. Our polyester stickers come at a low cost, with a minimum order of only 10 stickers.

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Bumper stickers

Want to promote your brand or organization while on the road? Then bumper stickers are what you are looking for! These stickers are produced on white vinyl with CMYK print and are so durable that they can last for up to 5 years. Create stickers that are made for being outside in any weather! The minimum order for bumper stickers is only 5 units and can be produced in your preferred size.

Bumper stickers for my car!

Sticker sheets

These sheets with stickers in multiple designs are perfect for resellers or for exposing your brand with many different designs or logos. Each sheet can contain up to 16 stickers of a minimum of 2 x 2 cm each and 3 mm distance between them. The stickers will be cut with precision using the kiss-cut technique to remove them easily and individually. The minimum order for these stickers is 50 sheets and can be delivered within 48 hours of the order being validated.

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Labels on a roll

Promote your brand with labels that carry your logo, designs or texts. Your prints will be produced on a 60 macron (60µ) thin, white polypropylene surface with high-quality, full-colour digital printing. The personalised labels are delivered on a roll with the amount of labels preferred, kiss-cut so that they can be easily removed from the sheet. Once attached to a surface the label will last for up to 3 years indoors, even after contact with water. Adhesive labels are also perfect for instructions of use, product information, nutritional information or for announcing items on sales.

My labels on a roll now!

By branding all your products or packaging with eye-catching labels, your customers will do the promoting for you by carrying them everywhere!

Among resellers, our custom stickers are one of the most popular products due to the high-quality CMYK printing technique that produces stickers in vibrant colours and fine details. We also offer large bulk-orders discounts, so that you can get personalised stickers in many different shapes, sizes or materials, without breaking the bank!

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As manufacturers, at Camaloon we have full control of the whole process from order to shipping, to assure the greatest quality of the product and efficiency of the service.

We offer fast delivery in 48 hours and large bulk-order discounts.

On our website you can easily upload your designs and logos, or get creative with our designing tool.

Before checking out, you can preview the stickers with your prints to ensure it looks exactly as you imagined.

We will also validate your design once we receive the order to ensure it is in the correct formats and quality for printing.

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