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How to Promote Your Business With Personalised Mugs

Advertising trends come and go, however, personalised mugs are a timeless classic. They suit most audiences because they are useful, and they are a cost-effective way to generate awareness for your brand. People might forget (usually expensive) ads they see in the media, but they will never forget a cool branded mug that is part of their daily ritual.

Here are some ideas on how you can use personalised mugs to promote your business.

Camaloon personalised mugs

Scatter your personalised mugs around the office

Place your personalised mugs around the office for anyone to use and clients to see. Branded mugs will add to your work culture and also make you appear more professional to customers. If you offer coffee to your clients while they are waiting for some service, make sure to serve it in a branded mug. Put some mugs on display in nice transparent packaging for your customers to notice, and then give them away generously. You can also used our personalised travel mugs!

Give them to your employees

Employee Camaloon mug

Give personalised mugs to your employees to use at home or to give to others. Everybody likes receiving small tokens of appreciation! Even if they pass them on, think about how much exposure these mugs will provide.

Give them away at business events

People attend business events to meet new clients, potential partners or investors. Unlike a business card, which often ends up at the bottom of a drawer, people use mugs every day, and they serve as a constant reminder of your company. Personalised mugs promote your business with every sip!

Reward loyal customers and partners

Camaloon mugs different colors

While you might be focusing on attracting new customers and growing your business, you should never forget to show your regulars and partners you appreciate them. You might want to include matching items with your mug, such as personalised pens or notebooks. You can go even further by including a handwritten thank you note that comes with it.

Support local community

Consider supporting local organisations, fundraisers or community events by donating personalised mugs. If your customers are locals, these are the best places to be seen by your target audience. You want to build positive emotional connections, and you never know who might become your future client.

How can you get personalised mugs for your company?

Personalised mugs can help your company stand out, and we have a plethora of eye-catching ideas for you to choose from. You can also select from a variety of mug printing techniques.

Camaloon mugs colors

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Choose the mug
  2. Choose the colour
  3. Use our online tools to edit your design
  4. Add your mug to the cart

It’s that simple! And if you order in bulk, you get a discount! How great is that?!

At Camaloon, we understand that every business is unique, and we offer a wide variety of high-quality, long-lasting items. Check our website for more products.

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