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How to Use Personalised Pens to Market Your Business

As a business owner, you work hard to build your company and brand, and you want to increase awareness of your products or services. Promotional pens are a fantastic way to gain exposure! They are a great low-cost option for reminding existing customers about your company but also putting your brand in front of a larger audience.

At Camaloon, we have a large selection of personalised pens to choose from. Here are some suggestions for using branded pens to give your company a promotional boost.

Camaloon promotional pens

Distribute your personalised pens throughout the workplace

Add personalised pens to the office stationery you use every day. Keep them on desks, counters and other surfaces, for employees to use and clients to see. Personalised items improve workplace culture and make your company look more professional to employees and customers alike.

Camaloon office stationery

Give some cool pens to your employees

Give your employees personalised pens to take home as a small thank-you gift. Make sure to give them more than one so they can share with friends and family. People cannot get enough pens, and you are spreading the word about your company! 

Offer a complimentary pen with each purchase

If you own a physical store or an office where you interact with customers on a regular basis, display some personalised pens in a nice (or possibly personalised) mug and give one pen to every customer. People love freebies, especially when they are useful. Everyone needs a pen and you are getting your name out there!

Complimentary pens

Reward return customers and partners

You want your loyal customers and partners to feel important and remembered, so why not express your gratitude and remind them of your company by giving them a nice pen? You can even send them some pens via post for an additional element of surprise. We all love those lumpy envelopes and are eager to find out what is inside!

Hand out branded pens at professional events

Trade shows, conferences and seminars are great places to network and promote your business. Give away single pens or include them in small gift bags along with other personalised items. Think of this as your business card. You might be surprised to learn that you can fit a lot of information on a pen!

Professional event personalised pens

Make an order in a jiffy

At Camaloon, we like to make things simple for you.

All you have to do is:

  1. Pick the pen
  2. Pick the colour
  3. Use our online tools to edit your design
  4. Put your pens in the cart

We’ll take care of the rest!

Camaloon personalised products

If you are not sure what printing technique to choose, check our blog about printing techniques for pens.

Camaloon can provide you with a wide range of promotional gifts, including mugs, water bottles, t-shirts, tote bags and much more. Check our website for more information on the products available.

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