The illustrated storybooks of Alex Omist

Introduce yourself in two lines

My name is Alex Omist, I live in Barcelona, I'm an illustrator and graphic designer and I love my job. I always liked drawing and to live of it is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me.

How would you describe your style?

I don't really have a defined style, actually. Although my projects are inspired on artists from the '50s and '60s like Olle Eksell, Alexander Girard or Stig Lindberg... I worship their artworks. I like to work with simple figures and limited chromatic ranges.

Is there any other artist that you like on Camaloon?

There are so many and they are really good, actually... But if I had to choose one or two, I'd say the Stereoplastica and Mauro Gatti's artworks.

You are a children storybook illustrator.

Yes, I am. I have been illustrating since I was eight and I have published twenty of them already. Illustrating for the little ones is one of the most gratifying things there is because it gives you the chance to freely create from scratch the most odd characters that you can imagine and then, they enjoy it as much as you did drawing them.

Tell us about your artwokrs on Camaloon.

My creations on Camaloon are inspired in simple shapes and vivid colors.

Talking King. Carcasa para movíl de Alex Omst

I like to mix geometric figures to create mosaics or animal faces. What I want to transmit are messages of joy, optimism and good vibes.

The project that makes you more proud of.

The illustrations that I did for the Nahir Gutiérrez' story: 'Where's Güelita Queta?'. Is about the loss of a beloved one and how to help children to overcome it. We won the Apel·les Mestre Prize in 2012.

Tell us a funny story about yourself or your work.

I Illustrated a book series where the main characters were a Police Inspector and a Chinese detective.

The characters are two authentic clichés. The inspector wears a raincoat and a hat and the Chinese detective wears a hanfu from the Qing dynasty (a sort of kimono), Chinese hat and a ponytail.When we sold the right to China, they ask permission to change the clothing of the Asian character because they thought it was inappropriate... Anyway, we agreed on it and now wears a leather jacket and a Toni Manero hare style. It's actually pretty cool :-D

What is Camaloon for you?

Camaloon is a fantastic, very-well designed platform to let the world know your artworks and to discover new ones.

Last comment?

It's a pleasure to be part for the Camaloon family!

/ anna